What Is “Relief” Ginger Enzyme?


The story of two immunity genes, HLA DQ2/DQ8,

 The cause of serious Allergies, Auto-Immune & other Diseases and

 How to Reverse these using “Relief” Ginger Enzyme.      

In order to understand the issues, bear with us while we consider a bit of history. Approximately 10,000 years ago, after the end of the last ice age, major changes occurred in the human populations worldwide, as they began to fan out from the fertile areas of the Middle East and Black Sea, westwards towards Central Europe and then up into Northern and down into Southern Europe.  At that time, our ancestors stopped the nomadic life of hunter gatherers and started to embrace living in more permanent and larger communities.  At the same time, we also began to domesticate animals and cultivate a variety of grasses and seeds for human consumption, in order to provide a year round food source for the quickly growing population.  This made for a much easier life to some extent for our ancestors, as these foods were easily grown within their newly established communities.  This is what we can now consider as the beginning of the agrarian age and the birth of agri-business, as it has become known today. But this convenience came at a price – even back then!

 Prior to the agrarian age when our ancestors were hunter gatherers, aside from wild animals and other competing groups of early humans, the greatest threat that was posed to our survival was overcoming naturally occurring viruses. Over preceding millennia our genome had selected for the type of gene that could recognise viruses as a threat and instigate an immune response in our bodies to protect against them. Amongst the genes capable of doing this were two genes HLA DQ2 and DQ8. These genes served our ancient ancestors well giving them the means to defend against viruses. Thus through natural selection, the vast majority of Palaeolithic men, women and children would have had these genes (let us say 80%), but there would still have been a significant percentage who did not (let us say 20%) and still survived, perhaps due to some other unknown genetic mechanism.

 However, the interesting thing about HLA DQ2/DQ8 is that these genes not only recognise viruses in the body but they also recognise proline-rich proteins found in many foods, and especially in grains, as being viruses and react in the same way by putting the immune system on heightened alert and creating anti-bodies. So our Palaeolithic ancestors were fine until they started to eat wheat and grains at the dawn of the agrarian age because the proline content of their food supply until then would not have been so great as to cause continual heightened immune system responses.

 With the advent of the agrarian age all that changed.

 Corn was grown in Central and South America, and due to the fact that corn proteins are resistant to digestion, they simply passed through the digestive system without causing any harm to the people consuming this type of food.   Rice was grown in Asia and due to the fact that its proteins contain few of the prolyl peptides, which are spread out in the protein structure, allowing these proteins also to be digested efficiently by the people consuming them.  Thus these two main food staples did not cause digestive issues within the populations living off these particular foods, unlike wheat and grains.

 It was in the region of the Black Sea, where our ancestors started to grow the wheat grasses in earnest during the beginning of the agrarian age.  Over a period of time, the cultivation of wheat, and other early grains, migrated west and eventually throughout Europe with the movement of the early populations, and was incorporated in due course into the various communities that were encountered.  Wheat became a staple part of the diet because it produced excellent flour to make the early forms of bread, because it could also be used to produce alcohol through fermentation and because the surplus could be stored for use all year round.

 However, the 80% majority of Palaeolithic people with the HLA DQ2/DQ8 genes would not have benefited from this change of diet and the settled, non-nomadic, lifestyle. They would have suffered from lots of food intolerances and gastro-intestinal problems brought on by the consumption of the cultivated wheat and grain products that enabled them to have a year round food supply, live in one place and cease their previous nomadic existence – a veritable double edged sword!!

 The previous 20% of the population, who did not have these genes, would have fared very well under the new lifestyle, since the wheat products would not have affected them adversely. Whereas the food intolerances and gastro problems of the 80% with the virus immunity genes would have been severe, leading to death, so that eventually, over a long time frame over thousands of years, the ratios of the peoples of Europe and the middle east with these two genes would have been reversed by natural selection. So that those without the genes (previously in the minority) would have become the 80% and those surviving with the genes would have dwindled to 20%.

 As the introduction of cultivating wheat and grains spread into Europe, and was widely adopted by the populations there, so these changes in the percentage of people carrying the HLA DQ2/DQ8 genes occurred. But in the extremities of Europe, for whatever cultural or climatic reasons, the cultivation of wheat was resisted and so the peoples of these areas maintained a higher proportion carrying these genes than those without the genes, and still do to this day.

 It is believed that merely carrying these genes does not of itself cause a problem. The problem arises when the genes become switched on by a person having an infection and then by continuing to eat the foods that fire up the immune system in response to those proline-rich foods.

 The original old wheat varieties used to have “gluten proteins”, which were proline-rich, resistant to digestion and bound well to the HLA DQ2/DQ8 genes, causing a person’s immune system to be overstimulated time and time again!  These genes can be switched on either due to an infection, such as flu or other infectious disease, or, nowadays, simply by being stressed out on a continuous basis. Someone with these stimulated genes will be prone to develop a serious disease over time, due to the continuous overstimulation of the immune system, which can lead to auto-immune dysfunction.  It is suspected that some modern vaccination programmes can also trigger and switch on these two genes.

 Proline is a protein contained in most foods, but the following are usually safe for people to eat who have the genes switched on:-

 Rice, Potato, Sweet potato and other Starchy Tubers, Green Peas, Green Beans, Spinach, Lettuce, Cabbage, Cauliflower and Avocado (fruit), Mushrooms (unless you have an allergy to fungi).  All other vegetables and meats including fish can cause an autoimmune reaction in your body due to the proline-rich protein content.

 So What Can One Do About This?

 Enter Professor Clifford Hawkins of Biohawk Foundation, who is a world renown bio-chemist hailing from our nearby city of Brisbane. His family had always suffered problems from food and gluten intolerances, and, when his grand-children started to experience similar problems, Prof. Hawkins turned his considerable knowledge and skill to finding a solution.

 His result is such an elegant solution that you just know it was waiting there all along for someone to appreciate and put to good use. He realised that if he could find a way for the proline protein to be neutralised so that it was no longer recognised by HLA DQ2/DQ8 as a virus then the food intolerances and gastric problems that his family, and everyone with these genes activated, suffered from could be eliminated. His elegant solution was to use the enzymes of one food to neutralise the protein in others, and so “Relief” Ginger Enzyme came into being made from powdered extracts of enzymes from various members of the ginger family.

 The method of use is to take a little of the ginger powder dissolved in water after meals twice a day and to treat all foods containing proline during meal preparation with a little of the powder. This will allow the food to be properly digested without causing an immune response. Prof. Hawkins states:-

  “All people benefit from eating food with the proline-rich proteins digested, because the full nutrition content is available for digestion early on in the gastrointestinal tract, providing all the food’s energy, vitamins and minerals.”

Once the immunity genes HLA DQ2/DQ8 have been triggered, they remain activated permanently until the proline issue gets dealt with adequately by repopulating the gut with beneficial enzymes, with the assistance of the “Relief” ginger enzyme being added to the diet.  If the person continues to eat proline-rich foods, without taking steps to neutralise the effect of the proline, their immune system will react every time and in due course gets worn out, allowing serious disease to occur.

Interestingly, as referred to above, many of the less centrally positioned European “tribes” such as people in Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Scandinavia, northern Europe and even down into areas such as Czechoslovakia rejected these major dietary changes and resisted this “new” wheat food source for a very long time.  Now therein lies the sting.  According to Prof. Hawkins:-

The descendants of these people have a very high chance that they preserved these genes to this day within themselves.  These immunity genes have been passed on from generation to generation to the present day and only present a problem once certain triggers have switched them on.

“Their health is adversely affected due to the fact that they can’t digest plant-based foods i.e.  proline-rich proteins.  These proteins, which contain the encapsulated minerals and vitamins, cannot be properly digested before they enter into the large intestines, where the bacterial fermentation of the nutrients causes the pH to drop below 6.2.  This is an unfortunate scenario, because it allows the killing off of good bacteria, which is so desperately needed for the neutral pH cultivation, essential to our optimal well being.  This drop in pH will allow bad bacteria to dominate and produce toxins in your intestines, which will eventually affect your overall health, leading to allergies, autoimmune diseases, various cancers and even infertility.”

The latter day migration of people around the world from the European countries have now well and truly mixed this HLA DQ2/DQ8 gene amongst many other nationalities around the globe.

Prof. Hawkins continues:- 

“In Australia, before the arrival of western people with their wheat flour and alcohol, the original people were classical stone-age people: very fit and healthy.  Many people with Celtic blood were brought or freely came to Australia since 1788.  Also people from Asia, the Americas, Africa, Italy, Greece and the Middle East with the HLA DQ2/DQ8 gene have also migrated here.  They have passed on their immunity gene very successfully so that over 30% of the Australian population has the HLA DQ2/DQ8 gene and in some regions it is much higher than 30%.”

 What are the options?

 If these people with the activated HLA DQ2/DQ8 genes wish to have a healthy life, to be capable of producing healthy children and to protect them from food intolerance, allergy and the associated autoimmune diseases, they must either rigorously follow a strict Paleo diet, which has not been modernized with the latest fads, or use a technology such as is offered by Biohawk Foundation’s (Relief Ginger Enzyme) in order to digest the proline-rich proteins before the food is put into the mouth. This is when the pre-treatment of food ingredients while being prepared can be very important for anyone with a severe disease. This will help them to stabilise their health much faster.

The ginger used by Biohawk has the Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) classification and is safe to consume dissolved in a little water or juice, and also to sprinkle over and rub into food during ts preparation prior to cooking. This will digest or neutralise the proline-rich proteins that hyper sensitise the immune system of people with the food intolerance genes, HLA DQ2/DQ8. This prevents these proline-rich proteins from being recognised by these genes as being viruses and thus prevents the inevitable and natural immune response of the body to any virus.

This allows the body’s immune system to stop being in a state of continuous heightened alert and to revert back to normal.  The autoimmune consequences of food intolerance can thus be removed allowing the gastro- intestinal tract to function optimally and permit full extraction of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The  ginger enzyme is also consumed dissolved in water or juice twice a day to ensure damaging proline-rich proteins are totally digested within the body.

In Prof. Hawkins’ technical language:-

 “Proteins that cause food allergies and auto-immune diseases are also proline-rich, but have the ability to bind to two IgE molecules expressed by a hypersensitive immune system, which in turn are bound to mast cell receptors. The ginger enzymes digest these allergens removing the risk of an allergic reaction.”

So as you see, this is a problem that can affect a very large percentage of Western populations especially due to widespread migration worldwide of people carrying the HLA DQ2/DQ8 genes and mixing with local populations. These genes are always passed on to the next generation by either parent carrying them. The problem of eating gluten products with proline-rich proteins is very great for all Eastern races and all indigenous races outside of Europe, since a very high proportion of these peoples will still carry the genes because cultivating wheat never became a mainstay of their diet. When such peoples have these genes switched on, and move away from their ancestral cultural diet to a western diet high in wheat and gluten products, they will experience food intolerances and ultimately the likelihood of autoimmune disease.

If anyone approaches us with either a food intolerance, gastro intestinal problem or any form of autoimmune disease, our immediate recommendation is to cut gluten and dairy from the diet and to start using and taking the “Relief” ginger enzyme. By taking these simple steps they are guaranteed to see an improvement in their symptoms within one month, and usually much faster than that. Once the gastro-intestinal system has been given a chance to calm down, and the immune system is no longer on heightened threat alert, then you could try to reintroduce dairy into your diet if it is something you really feel you must have. However, we would never recommend that you start consuming gluten again. Read this post to see why.


There are many delicious gluten free breads that can be made in minutes at home – see this recipe for one of our favourites https://coolwellbeing.org/recipes/nourishing-pumpkin-seed-pepper-and-zucchini-bread/

 CoolWellbeing Foundation always recommends the “Relief” Ginger Enzyme food supplement to anyone wishing to maintain or regain their health.  In our experience this is the simple and logical missing piece of the puzzle for so many people facing health issues.

A 200 gm tub of “Relief” Ginger Enzyme will last a person weighing approx. 60kg around 6 weeks, when you take ½ teaspoon of Relief morning and night after food, dissolved in a little water or juice, and pre-treat your food according to Dr. Hawkins’ protocol.

Relief can be ordered directly from Biohawk Foundation  www.biohawk.com.au at AU$144 (approx. US$113) per 200 gm tub plus shipping.

CoolWellbeing Foundation can offer a discount of AU$14.00 per 200g tub of Relief Ginger Enzyme, making it attractive at AUS$130 per 200gm tub.

The cost of air mail shipping is the same for one or two 200gm tubs since this is within the first parcel weight tier of up to 500gms. Two tubs will generally last one person for 3 months and it is more economical to order two tubs at one time rather than doubling up on shipping costs for a subsequent order.

For the US, Canada, UK and Europe, the cost of shipping either one or two 200gm tubs of Relief is currently AU$26 (about US$21, GBP14, Euro19).

 Indicative Costs including air mail shipping
US  1 x 200gm tub AU$156 (approx. US$125). 2 tubs AU$286 (approx. US$229 or US$115 per tub).
UK 1 x 200gm tub AU$156 (approx. GBP82). 2 tubs AU$286 (approx. GBP150 or GBP75 per tub).
Europe1 x 200gm tub AU$156 (approx. Euro112). 2 tubs AU$286 (approx. Euro206 or E103 per tub).

When you place an order you will be sent the protocol of how and when you need to take the Relief Ginger Enzyme, which foods exactly require treatment and Prof. Hawkins’ protocol for treating your food.

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