Exciting 1 day cooking workshop 19th April 2015

Free evening health talk 11th January 2014

Day seminar 19th January 2014

Weekend seminar 7th – 9th February 2014


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  1. Hi Edith!

    I figured you will be a lot more comfortable with this email than texting. Me too.

    Thanks again for the bottle of Lip C, so well prepared AND with love and healing energy : )
    I tried a bit yesterday, yes I do need to go very slowly. I got a little burn in the stomach/diaphragm but at least I know that I am absorbing a maximum dose.

    Seeing as the bottle will last me for quite some time, I think it best to wait till your next group workshop and I can come along then. Let me know of course.
    So thanks again I am thrilled to be able to try this first.
    Take care and we will be in touch soon
    Kim x

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