How To Avoid Autoimmune Disease – Part 1

How To Avoid Autoimmune Disease

How To Avoid Autoimmune Disease – Part 1 It seems that these days there is a real epidemic of immunity problems, so knowing how to avoid autoimmune disease, and the things that are most likely to cause it, is becoming more and more important. We remember when growing up several decades ago that you hardly ever heard of older relatives or family friends having health issues that were autoimmune diseases. In fact, one hardly heard of cancers (except lung cancer from smoking), diabetes, irritable bowel disease and other diseases that are so prevalent today. Back then it was extremely rare Continue Reading →

True Gluten Free Benefits

True gluten free benefits

True Gluten Free Benefits As we mentioned in the recipe for delicious Grain Free Gluten Free Focaccia Flatbread, being “conventionally gluten free” really does not cut it. The gluten free industry has really exploded in the last few years and there are heaps of processed foods available in health food stores and supermarkets purporting to be gluten free. But do these products give you true gluten free benefits? What Is Gluten? Gluten is an umbrella term for the family of proteins found in all grains. So a different member of the gluten family will be found in wheat, rye, barley and Continue Reading →

Positive Intentional Living

positive intentional living

Positive Intentional Living In the last blog about what causes illness, we put forward the proposition that many illnesses are in fact caused by unintentional self-inflicted disease promoting activities that may have occurred over a long period of time. In order to avoid unintentional self-inflicted disease caused by operating on autopilot and doing repeatedly, without thinking the same things that everyone else does, it is necessary to adopt a mindset of positive intentional living. When living intentionally, one considers and examines all aspects and activities of our day-to-day routine, and tries to align these with optimal health as much as Continue Reading →

What Causes Illness

what causes illness

What Causes Illness? We have been listening to the expert speakers on the Autoimmune Revolution Summit and it is fascinating to learn about their cutting edge wisdom and clinical practice experiences, as they explain what causes illness and autoimmune disease and how to avoid and recover from them. In the course of listening to these experts, it is becoming clearer that despite all the names given to all the different diseases and conditions that people can be diagnosed with as their health deteriorates, the actual causes (excluding accidents) can be broken down into just 3 groups:- Infectious diseases ie acquired Continue Reading →

Dangers of Amalgam Fillings


  Dangers of Amalgam Fillings  We have for a long time been aware of the importance of dental health, and the dangers of amalgam fillings. But since attending a symposium about oral health from the United States, we are now newly committed to getting this vitally important health information out to as many as possible about the serious health & environmental problems caused by mercury fillings. Since arriving in Queensland from Europe over fifteen years ago, we have used several different dental clinics, none of which were aware of the dangers of mercury amalgams and none practised biological dentistry!  This Continue Reading →

Hormonal Imbalances due to Parabens in Food

Endocrine disruptors causing hormonal imbalances

Foods causing Hormonal imbalances in women, men and children at any age We have been warning about xeno-oestrogens and environmental endocrine disruptors causing hormonal imbalances for quite some time. Previously we have concentrated mostly on plastics and other environmental factors, which contribute to this problem, but now it is time to shine the light on parabens used as food preservatives. Did you know, for example, not only have parabens been found in most cosmetics and personal care products, but they also found their way into the food industry as early as the 1920s? They are used for pro-longing the shelf Continue Reading →

Holistic Wellness – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

Confused about holistic wellness

HOLISTIC WELLNESS – AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!! Do you remember the You Tube video that went viral a couple of years ago? An African American woman escaped from her home in a neighbourhood fire and in the media interview that followed gave the quote that became famous – “I got bronchitis. Ain’t nobody got time for that.” This has become a catch-phrase in our family and used in all sorts of contexts to bring a smile to our lips. Click the link below to see the original media footage or to remind yourself of the event. Whilst looking Continue Reading →

80% of Disease Starts Where? Holistic Oral Health might surprise you.

Holistic Oral Health

  REGISTRATION FOR FREE ONLINE HOLISTIC ORAL HEALTH SUMMIT  28 SEPT – 5 OCT 2015 We have just heard about this free online health summit which starts early tomorrow (Tuesday) morning Australia east coast time. We have listened to many summits in recent years and learned a huge amount from the highly qualified speakers. We have also bought quite a few of the previous talks in digital form as they are an invaluable resource and because we may have missed some of the speakers due to other work. There is no need to buy the Oral Health summit talks since Continue Reading →

How To Clean Up Washing Detergents in Your Life

Home Made Laundry Soap Powder

Simple toxic free alternatives Getting Down and Dirty with Detergents The average Australian family with children usually does about 1 load of washing per day.  Most people I know use the commercially available brands for their daily washing loads, without realising that they are putting their long-term health at risk. So, how to clean up washing detergents in your life? Your biggest organ is your skin.  When you put on your squeaky clean clothes, which have been washed with ordinary detergent, you are running the risk of absorbing many of the nasty chemicals that are contained within these products. They are Continue Reading →

Environmental Disruptors to Sex Hormones

Sex Hormones

How Xenoestrogens Will Affect Your Hormonal Balance Far too many people do not realise that the vast majority of products, items and foods that we come into contact with on a daily basis act as environmental disruptors to sex hormones. This is especially important as we age because we have had a longer exposure to these environmental disruptors during the course of our lives and in addition our hormonal imbalances  increase naturally as a result of the general aging process as hormone production goes into decline. Let me briefly explain to you what a xenoestrogen is!  It is a “foreign invader Continue Reading →