Dietary Fat Is Not The Villain


Dietary Fat Is Not The Villain In recent posts, we have tried to demonstrate to you that sugar is the enemy of health, causing inflammation and potentially leading to type 3 diabetes (cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease). Despite many medical practitioners and scientists publishing studies for several decades and saying that dietary fat is not the villain previously thought, there is still a widely held belief that we should aim for a low fat, high carbohydrate diet. The Problem was the Food Pyramid This emerged in the US in 1977 and around the same time in the UK and Continue Reading →

The Great Olive Oil Hoax

Why Olive Oil May Not Always Be Healthy For You It has recently, once more, been drawn to our attention, how important it is to pay much more consideration to the quality of the olive oil we consume. High quality olive oil is extremely beneficial for your health as it helps you to feel fuller for longer and also assists our body’s “fat burning furnace” to burn more of the unwanted fats you might have.  It is primarily a monounsaturated fat and has been recognised as easing inflammation, and protecting against heart disease and stroke. Image courtesy of m_bartosch at Continue Reading →