Positive Intentional Living

positive intentional living

Positive Intentional Living In the last blog about what causes illness, we put forward the proposition that many illnesses are in fact caused by unintentional self-inflicted disease promoting activities that may have occurred over a long period of time. In order to avoid unintentional self-inflicted disease caused by operating on autopilot and doing repeatedly, without thinking the same things that everyone else does, it is necessary to adopt a mindset of positive intentional living. When living intentionally, one considers and examines all aspects and activities of our day-to-day routine, and tries to align these with optimal health as much as Continue Reading →

Benefits of Earthing


Benefits of Earthing  How walking barefoot on the earth can improve your health Yes, you may indeed ask yourself how on earth is that going to improve my overall health and why should I be concerned with the benefits of earthing.  Rest assured that after reading this article you will never look at your shoes in the same way again. In times gone by, but not so long ago in evolutionary terms, we were found wandering with bare feet connecting with mother earth and being energized by this simple yet effective method of recharging our electro-biological bodies. Remember, our bodies Continue Reading →

The Great Olive Oil Hoax

Why Olive Oil May Not Always Be Healthy For You It has recently, once more, been drawn to our attention, how important it is to pay much more consideration to the quality of the olive oil we consume. High quality olive oil is extremely beneficial for your health as it helps you to feel fuller for longer and also assists our body’s “fat burning furnace” to burn more of the unwanted fats you might have.  It is primarily a monounsaturated fat and has been recognised as easing inflammation, and protecting against heart disease and stroke. Image courtesy of m_bartosch at Continue Reading →


The Untold Truth about Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes is nearly 100% preventable. You won’t hear this from mainstream medicine — which ridiculously claims there is no cure for diabetes — because treating diabetics is just too darned profitable. Big Pharma is drooling over the profit potential of all their diabetes drugs worldwide. The fantastic news is that people are curing themselves of type 2 diabetes every day. It is a fairly simple and straightforward process, and when you cure diabetes you greatly reduce your risk of heart disease, obesity, cancer and dementia/Alzheimer’s at the same time. The only problem is Continue Reading →

The daily sugar and toxic nightmare

 Have you got your head in the sand? Let us walk you through a daily routine of an ordinary, everyday person to highlight the issues faced with regards to keeping ones toxic levels at bay:- Upon waking, you might drink some instant coffee – which contains acrylamide, a chemical compound, which can lead to nerve damage. Next you step into the shower and have a nice, long and most probably hot shower to further wake you up.  Your pores are all open by now and you start washing your hair with your favourite shampoo, laced with SLS (sodium lauryl and Continue Reading →