Benefits of Earthing


Benefits of Earthing  How walking barefoot on the earth can improve your health Yes, you may indeed ask yourself how on earth is that going to improve my overall health and why should I be concerned with the benefits of earthing.  Rest assured that after reading this article you will never look at your shoes in the same way again. In times gone by, but not so long ago in evolutionary terms, we were found wandering with bare feet connecting with mother earth and being energized by this simple yet effective method of recharging our electro-biological bodies. Remember, our bodies Continue Reading →

How To Feed Adrenal Glands

Ground turkey casserole for adrenals

Adrenal stress and its dire consequences Do you know where your adrenal glands, which are part of your complicated endocrine system, are located?  These two relatively tiny glands, the size of an average walnut, sit atop your kidneys on either side of your lower back. They are extremely important in helping you get through life optimally, by releasing adrenaline and cortisol, two important natural stress hormones, that need to be released in suitable amounts and at appropriate times. But do you know how to feed adrenal glands to keep them in top shape? Are you aware that if you are Continue Reading →