We have been following our spiritual path in a fairly serious, but fun way for the past 10 years or so.  We have experimented with many different modalities to help us be ‘in spirit’, which basically means that you are in contact with you higher self – the god spark so to speak.

We are keen chanters – practising on a daily basis because of having learnt about all the different frequencies  within us, affecting us.  How important these all are to our well being, especially keeping out of the lower ones such as guilt, sin, fear etc.

With this form of meditation, we are literally moving our body into higher vibrations through the constantly raising frequency induced by the chanting.  Sages in the East have been doing this for thousands of years!

However, we are not keen to go and sit in a cave for hours/days on end as we feel obliged to remain here, keeping one leg in the matrix,  and one out of it.  So the best way of moving towards feeling great and centred is simply meditation.  We shall also discuss various other forms of mediation, which we also practice.

At the same time, we shall also list interesting books etc for you to consider reading, which we have read and enjoyed.

So – keep on growing  – by employing whichever methods suits you best to foster your personal growth.

peace, love and health

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