How to Prevent Stroke & Its Dire Consequences

Prevent StrokeHow to Prevent Stroke – the 3rd Highest Cause of Death in Australia

Have you or someone in your family or circle of friends suffered a stroke? If your answer is, yes, then you will be familiar with the dire consequences this condition can unleash not only on the person suffering the stroke, but also on their families, friends and on their work.

Were you aware that strokes are the third most common cause of death in Australia? About 40,000 Australians suffer a stroke annually, 73% of these being the first ever stroke.

The statistics indicate that out of 100 stroke patients:-

• about 30 die within the first year after their stroke, approx. 15-20 within the first 30 days;
• about 70 survive of whom:
– 35 remain permanently disabled 1 year after the stroke, 10 of whom will require permanent full time nursing care;
– 35 are not disabled to the extent that they can’t care for themselves.

Pretty terrible statistics – aren’t they? So how do you prevent stroke?

However, fear not, as you really can “stroke proof your brain” and prevent stroke with simple, yet very effective lifestyle changes.

Many integrative health specialists advise their clients to look at their current lifestyles in order to prevent stroke. They will be asking questions regarding:-

. smoking habits;
. exercise or lack thereof;
. diabetes;
. alcohol;
. weight;
. blood pressure.


. smoking habit – visit a hypnotherapist to stop smoking;
. exercise – work out simple yet effect exercises with the client;
. diabetes/overweight – help client to understand the danger of hidden sugars in processed and fast foods & reduce sugar intake from all sources;
. alcohol – alert client to average consumption according to gender & danger posed by additional sugar in alcohol;
. overweight/blood pressure – help client to work out a realistic eating plan, avoiding bad fats and excess sugar, and reducing stress.

We at CoolWellbeing Foundation can help you to prevent stroke, provided you are committed to attaining optimal health and are prepared to make simple lifestyle changes. It is not difficult, let us help you empower yourself with the necessary knowledge regarding nutrition, exercise and stress reduction, allowing you to become optimally healthy and, therefore, remain happy and worry-free for yourself and your family.

Everyone is individual and different, so please contact us for more detailed information to suit your particular circumstances and learn how to prevent stroke.

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