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Low Fat/No Fat Diets –  see where it has got us up to now?  Obesity amongst the general population, young or old has absolutely reached insane levels.  Also the various different stage diabetes have become so widespread world wide that it is alarming, especially amongst the very young.

Who makes up these wretched diets to combat the above issues and dictates to us what we should eat.  Usually they are doctors, researchers and spokesmen for various government and quasi/government agencies such as the CSIRO in Australia, the FDA in the States and something equivalent in Europe.

Most doctors have good intentions when they write these diet books, but often are not up to date with the latest research into nutrition, which clearly states that good fats such us butter and coconut oil are excellent for your health.

To state one in particular misleading diet approved by the American Heart Association is ‘Eaters Choice” by Dr. Ron Goor and Nancy Goor.  After a brief introduction, is rehashes a few politically correct studies, which implicate saturated fats as the cause of heart disease!!!!!! Blown totally out of the water by Dr. Mary Enigs research.  In “Eaters Choice” you are then given pages and pages of recipes just loaded with sugar and white flour (go to my GMO blog and look at the photos of the lab rats).  The authors also assure us that the best thing for ones heart health is to replace butter with margarine and eliminate eggs and red meat from your diet.

And as we all know – most of these governments are in the pocket of the large and very powerful food industry.  That is why you are never told for example that refined sugar is one of the most dangerous substances on earth (read Sugar Dreams by Monica Colmsjo).

To top it all off, sugar is in absolutely everything from bread to pasta, crackers to ready made sauces, cakes and fizzy drinks – there is no escaping it.  Feeding your children pre-prepared foods is akin to child abuse – I am really sorry to be so hard hitting – but yep – you might as well give your kid heroin – it would be easier to come off the stuff than this insipid totally destructive product.

Also consider all these GMO foods you are eating – it has been shown to have serious effects on the health of mice and rats.  Now I for one don’t want to be a lab rat and ingest any of these products – so I am staying away from anything made from corn/wheat etc.

In our household we have gone back to the old fashioned good foods with great nutritional value.  Our grand parents certainly knew how to stay healthy – they did not have access to pre packaged foods and fizzy drinks.

So let’s get back to what they did and if you are interested in a great cook book that gives you fantastically nutritious recipes – get the “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon – I shall give you a few recipes from it later on.

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