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This is something of a trillion dollar plus business world wide and at some stage or other, every human being (at least in the developed world) has had a run in with so called ‘diets’ – think in the 80s it was the Atkins diet – followed by all sort of what I call ‘fad’ diets (The Dukan Diet, The South Beach Diet etc)

Some delivered a roaring success to the ‘dieter’ once he/she followed the guidelines of that particular diet to the letter – however once the subject started to re-lapse into previous eating patterns – the weight crept back on and sometimes even a bit more!!!  Does that sound familiar to you?

I have never been what is termed overweight, but the years following my complete hysterectomy, I found my weight settling in new places, where I did not in the past.

And then in 2011 I came across a woman at a conference here at the Sunshine Coast/Australia called Dr. Sherril Sellmann, who was making a lot of sense to me.  She was talking about a weight loss program assisted by homeopathic drops, which had been given life in the 1950s by an English doctor called “Dr. Simeon” (free download book – see bibliography).  He had enormous success back then and Dr. Sellmann was reviving this weight loss method.  Offering a complete package i.e. book with recipes and the homeopathic drops.

However, my daughter, who is a student and spends a lot of time sitting at a desk, wanted to loose some weight too.  So I thought I would join her in the quest and be a supportive co-dieter!  We did not opt for Dr. Sellmans’ program, as it was pricey and found and identical hCG program being sold by a local naturopath.

We then set out to do a 21-day program with the intent of loosing some weight.  I found the diet easy to handle (did not get hunger pangs etc) and managed to loose some weight.  However, it was very restrictive to my social life as I could not go out and eat in company.  That did not bother me as it was only for 21 days.  It became less restrictive in the maintenance phase.

It was a different matter for my daughter – she felt continually hungry and because she was also in the middle of the last term exams, she was finding it very difficult to concentrate on her work.  All in all – she did loose some weight but it was very difficult for her and she felt it was like torture!

I have since had the joy of watching two of our close friends completely revamping themselves into vigorous and youthful looking people again.  And they in turn have seen several other people dropping weight and feeling great.  However, I do feel that a certain amount of caution needs to be given to people wanting to do this – the lack of any fats in any shape of form is in my opinion not good.   Also that the blood sugar levels can go through to China – these are factors that need to be taken into consideration before setting off down that road.

I personally feel that my skin deteriorated rapidly during the 42 days (21 days diet and 21days maintenance) and I am now struggling to recover some of my elasticity with the use of natural products.

One of my closest friends is Monica, a Swedish/Australian nutritionist (www,sugardreams.com.au). She was not very keen when I told her I was going to do the gHC diet – she has always been a great proponent of fats.  She is adamant that we need fats – good fats and lots of it.  She believes that giving children low fat/no fat foods is equivalent to child abuse.  Especially young children need lots of fats for their brain development and to support their general well being and growth.

So anyone, young or old, no matter what age but who likes clotted cream, butter or coconut oil is going to have a field day.  I mean seriously, all this low fat/low fat etc. has not been very effective.  Since its inception back in the 80s the weight of the world population has steadily gone up – not DOWN.  Ergo one can come to the conclusion that this low fat/no fat approach to keeping  people fit and healthy has proven to be an unequivocal disaster.

Monica gave me a book called “Eat Fat, Lose Fat” by Dr. Mary Enig – it is a wonderful read with some great recipes and I have been incorporating some of what she suggests into my diet.

I now take 2 tbsp of coconut oil before breakfast, lunch and dinner and feel fantastic.  This has helped me to feel satiated quicker and as a consequence I have been eating considerably less.  This has had the effect of my body slowly reshaping – the nasty rolls around the midriff are disappearing and my weight is now stabilizing once again naturally albeit much slower than with the gHC diet.

I have always used a lot of butter, because in Switzerland (where I was brought up) we used to eat lashings of it!!  Here in Australia, (Aldi does a fantastic ‘organic salted butter’, half the price of Coles or Woolies) – don’t worry about the salt’ – so Monica tells me.   Cook with it and if you have a piece of sourdough bread or ryvita, spread it liberally with butter.  This has the effect of slowing down the carbohydrate uptake in your body – i.e. avoiding the spike of insulin, making you crave more food again shortly after your last food intake.  So if you have good fats such as butter etc. with your veggies, bread etc. – you feel satiated quicker and hold off the hunger pangs for the next meal for longer.

I trust Monicas’ advice – the woman is in her mid sixties and looks ‘bloody fantastic’ is fit and healthy and has, according to the latest technical gizmo from Germany, a metabolic age of  38!!!!

Tim and I have always looked at people who are fit and healthy and older, quizzing them about their regime and then incorporated some of it into our routine, provided it resonated with us.  Especially the octogenarians – they would often talk about having a toddy of Whisky daily or a glass of red wine, a clove or garlic – whatever it was, but most of them would say the following.

. eat sparingly

. drink alcohol responsibly

. exercise regularly

. and above all          HAVE FUN

Dr. Simeone                        free download book


Dr. Sherril Sellmann           https://www.fatlossaustralia.com.au/

She has also written a book  called “The Promise of hCG”, which is very informative and has great recipes in the bac

She has also authored books about hormones – see hormone section


Hormone Heresy: What Women Must Know about their hormones (very informative read)

Dr. Mary Enig           “Eat Fat, Lose Fat”A book that is a proponent of putting good fats into your system to help slow the metabolic burn so you don’t get insulin spikes, if you eat too much refined carbohydrates. Great recipes at the back

Monica Colmsjo    Sugardreams – really good read about sugar addiction,available from www.sugardreams.com.au

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