avocados – why they are so good for you

Overall, most people would do well to get upwards of 50-70 percent fat in their normal diet.  A medium Hass avocado contains about 22.5 grams of fat, two-thirds of which is monounsaturated. They’re also very low in fructose, which is yet another boon, and provide close to 20 essential health-boosting nutrients, including Fiber, Potassium (more than twice the amount found in a banana), Vitamin E, B-vitamins and Folic acid

Avocados are one of the safest fruits you can buy conventionally grown and most experts do not believe you need to purchase organic ones. Their thick skin protects the inner fruit from pesticides Because of their thick skin, it is not necessary to buy the organically grown ones.

The Many Health Benefits of Avocados

Avocados have a long list of potential health benefits. For example, besides its anti-inflammatory properties, previous research from Japan suggests this powerful fruit may also help protect against liver damage. In one study, 4 laboratory rats were fed avocado and 22 other fruits. The rats were then given D-galactosamine, a potent liver toxin that interferes with cell synthesis and results in cell death. The rats fed avocado suffered the least amount of liver damage. The chemical-induced liver injuries resemble those caused by viruses, so the researchers suggested avocado could potentially offer support in the treatment of viral hepatitis. According to one lead author Hirokazu Kawagishi, Ph.D:

“Besides offering taste and nutrition, avocados seem to improve liver health. People should eat more of them.

Due to its beneficial raw fat content, avocado enables your body to more efficiently absorb fat-soluble nutrients (such as alpha- and beta-carotene and lutein) in other foods eaten in conjunction. One 2005 study 5 found that adding avocado to salad allowed the volunteers to absorb three to five times more carotenoids antioxidant molecules, which help protect your body against free radical damage. Other research has found that avocados:

Contain compounds that appear to inhibit and destroy oral cancer cells.  It can help improve lipid profiles in both healthy individuals and those with non optimized HDL/ total cholesterol levels.

So come on people – let’s get eating avos – they are tasty and a really easy food to have on the run, wherever you are.

Facts from Dr. Mercola

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