are you fat deficient?


Here is a short list of questions. Have you relied on fat-free foods and counted fat grams to loose weight, only to find that your weight has reached a plateau and you always feel hungry?

Do you avoid red meats, butter and eggs to lower your cholesterol, but lack sufficient energy to get through the day?

Do you eat margarine because of a family history of heart disease, but feel listless and depressed?

Do you eat so-called healthy meals (like a salad with no-fat dressing) only to be overtaken by cravings that drive you to eat fatty foods, such as chips, French fries, doughnut or ice creams?

Or like so many in the western and far eastern world as of late

Has your weight slowly been creeping up and it impossible to loose that last ten pounds no matter how hard you try?

Have your energy and enthusiasm dropped?

Do you still feel hungry after you have finished your meal?

Do you experience a mid afternoon “energy crash” and need caffeine or a sweet to get through the rest of the day?

Do intense cravings for fattening foods overwhelm your best intentions to eat healthy, whole foods?

Do you feel too fatigued to exercise even though you know you should?

Do you blame yourself for the lack of ‘willpower’?

Are you resigned to weight gain and fatigue”

Do you suffer from a chronic illness like depression chronic fatigue syndrome, hypothyroidism, digestive problems or hormonal imbalances?

Every single one of the above problems can signify a dietary fat deficiency.  Because of our ‘brainwashing’ that fats are bad for you, we actually avoid all the creamy sauces, buttered vegetables etc – simply because we think it is not good for us.

However, our taste buds love these foods (in moderation goes without saying) because they are good for us.  But because we think that fats are bad for us, we are afraid to listen to our body.

Foods rich in good fats (real double cream, organic butter, coconut oil) are fantastic for your health and most importantly your waist – yep you heard right – YOUR WAIST!

However processed foods, which have been created by the current food industry in order to give you access to easy pre-prepared foods, is dead food.  There are virtually no nutrients left by the time it has been mass-produced and all the additives etc. have been added.  All the low/fat – no fat rubbish you can buy, is simply not helping you to stay vibrant, slim and healthy – look around you and see the proof.

The Weston A. Price Foundation can help you to understand more about good fats and give you free access to some good videos regarding healthy foods

Excerpts from Dr. Mary Enigs’ book “Eat Fat – Lose Fat”

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