Meditation Made Easy

Chanting Meditation CD

Meditation Made Easy

In order to help you easily manage stress, and stay centred and relaxed, we have created a beautiful Meditation Made Easy CD with 4 easy to follow Sanskrit chants (12 – 14 mins each), accompanied by a short chakra toning session either before or after each chant.

Chakra coloursThe seven tones that you sing help to vibrate and balance your seven chakras before the chanting starts, and, if you also do it at the end of the chant, it helps to close them up again.


Listen to one of our favourite chants here 

  •     Chant 1 - Radhe Govinda

We practise daily –  usually singing one chant, with toning before and after, and follow this by 20 minutes of silent meditation, depending on our time constraints. Because Tim and I like to get more “bang for our buck,” we sing along continuously to the chant belting out all the verses. We find this helps to get our left-brain out of gear fast and move into the zone, which stops us from getting stressed during the rest of the day. However, if you prefer, and also when starting out, you can do call and repeat, just like they do in the ashrams i.e. listen to the singer and repeat the verse after him.

The chants start slow, get faster as the energy input increases and then finish slowly again preparing you to be in a calm meditative state for the quiet meditation we recommend you go into for 5 to 20 minutes after chanting and toning. Obviously, you can spend longer meditating, if you have more time or are experienced in meditation, but just trying to still your mind for as long as convenient to you, will have a profound and subtle effect on you – and the more you practise it, the easier it will become and its effect will be greater.

Don’t worry, you are not required to sit cross-legged in a meditative pose – sitting Meditation CoolWellbeinganywhere you feel comfortable and relaxed is fine. We have many clients, who use the time of driving to and from work to belt out a chant or two in order to reduce their stress levels, and to help start/end their day in a more relaxed frame of mind. They have told us (some with delighted surprise) that it has helped them enormously to combat their high levels of cortisol and stress.

Many functional medical practitioners from the United States now encourage their patients to meditate in order to achieve greater calmness within their daily lives, and thus support attaining their optimal health. Read this page for more information.

Why not join us in practising this incredibly powerful, yet simple, meditation tool by buying our CD, and start singing and vibrating your body into a better, healthier and sexier state.

Our professionally produced and recorded CD has the words to the chants in both Meditation Made Easy Inside Coverthe original Sanskrit, which you will be singing, and an English translation so that you will understand what it means. These are printed on the CD cover together with information about chakra toning and the benefits of meditation.

Go on, what have you got to lose – it only takes a few minutes each day and you can start reaping the benefits of chanting meditation.


Mediation Made Easy only costs A$19.95 inc postage within Australia and we post the CD worldwide for only a little extra – click the drop down arrow in the window below for the price including worldwide shipping.


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