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Monica is a talented Swedish/Australian nutritionist, whom Tim and I feel fortunate enough to call a close friend.  She shares the same convictions about many health issues and we are currently working on several projects together.

She has written a book “Sugar dreams – waking up to the bitter reality”.  This book is a good read – it is the heart wrenching story of her beautiful son “Johan” who graces the cover of her book.  His soul has departed some years ago and Monica, as any loving mother would, was with him all the way until he took his last breath.

He was one of the people that succumbed to an illness  precipitated by drug use, even though he was brought up in a loving and caring environment.  He had access to his mothers’ wealth of knowledge about addiction from a nutritional point of view, but this was still not quite enough.  After his death, Monica started to look for some answers as to the why and how this situation could have occurred.  She has spent the last few years researching addictions and what causes it.  Her conclusion to the uninitiated seems simplistic, but it is backed up by solid science.

She has found confirmation from various sources that this condition requires a multi faceted holistic approach.  As far as we can tell, no one has come up with a truly holistic way to deal with this disease.   We think that the three of us have come up with an excellent formula, which we will put into a rigorous holistic program  later in the year, time permitting.

Helping addicts to recover themselves is one of our passion.   We are not the solution – but we shall give them the tools to deal with all the issues,  that are so closely linked to this terrible disease,  we call addiction.

In order to understand how people function, we have to go back to basics and therefore her book is a really good start to learn about nutrition/brain function. All addictions stem from our initial sugar addiction – giving your child sugary sweets is worse than giving him heroin.  You might think we are exaggerating on this blog – however inform yourself about the effects of sugar and then make your own choices.

This seemingly ordinary white stuff affects your brain  – and once the part of the brain gets a liking for it – it will keep on demanding more and more.  Some of us can keep it in balance, but if it gets out of control, it has to be addressed immediately with a very strict nutritional plan,  backed up by physical/mental/spiritual exercises backed up with some minerals/amino acids, which again affects the particular part of the brain that demands more of whatever is your preferred choice of addiction.  This could be alcohol/drugs/gambling/sex etc. – it is all controlled by the same part of the brain, fuelled by our sugar addiction.

I urge you to read the book – or others like it – it will make you take a hard look at what you keep in your pantry.  It might even inspire you to get your brain into top gear by giving it the right nutrition etc., so it can perform as it is designed to.

If you wish to buy the book, go to – it is reasonably priced at AU$26 including delivery

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