Link Between Showers and Autoimmune Disease

Link between showers and autoimmune disease

The Link Between Showers and Autoimmune Disease.

Continuing with our theme of positive intentional living (as opposed to living on autopilot and never questioning the things we do and take for granted), have you ever thought about what happens to your body when you shower and whether there could be a link between showers and autoimmune disease?

We have previously touched on the question of shower head filters in Buy a Filter or Be a Filter but now would like to explain the link to autoimmune disease.

Inflammation and Toxicity

Autoimmune diseases are born out of chronic inflammatory conditions in the body. Inflammation is the body’s way of dealing with and healing from accidents, cuts, wounds, infections, diseases and toxins, but this inflammation is usually relatively short lived and disappears when the condition has been resolved.

However, chronic inflammatory conditions due to food sensitivities, lifestyle choices and long term exposure to toxins, can be the perfect breeding ground for autoimmune disease. Such inflammation keeps the body’s immune systems on constant high alert, with the result that eventually the body starts to attack itself and autoimmune disease begins. Where this affects someone will depend on any genetic predisposition and weakness in their system.

Regular exposure to toxins is something we can all try to avoid or minimise, but in today’s world, with an abundance of chemicals and plastics in nearly all consumer goods and insecticides and pesticides sprayed on most fruit and vegetables, it is something we need to do intentionally and not just act on autopilot.

This is where positive intentional living comes and we stop to think about the things we do and take for granted and start to question them.

So What is the Link Between Showers and Autoimmune Disease?

All municipal water supplies have chlorine added to act as a disinfectant and to kill harmful pathogens. If you are unlucky you may also live in an area where fluoride (derived from the element fluorine} is added to the drinking water. This is another toxin despite the propaganda spread by main stream media and the various government bodies responsible for this unwarranted and unconsented to mass medication.

Chlorine like fluorine is part of the halogen group of elements including bromine, iodine and astatine. Iodine is crucial for the proper functioning of our thyroid gland (a butterfly shaped gland either side of the windpipe in the neck} and the thyroid has many receptors that are supposed to be occupied by iodine for proper functioning.

But guess what, those receptors in the thyroid will also accept other members of the halogen group because they appear similar. So chlorine, fluorine, bromine and astatine can also attach to these receptors and impair thyroid function.

When having a shower not only is the water vaporised by the shower head so that you are breathing in the moist air, but whatever is in the water will also finds its way into your body through your skin, and, if your water is hot, the pores in your skin will have opened up nicely to allow any of these toxins into your body.

Thyroid Dysfunction on the Increase

The number of people in the western world with thyroid issues has been steadily rising in the past three decades, and what is particularly worrying is that this is now affecting more and more young people and children. The thyroid gland does not respond well to exposure to toxins on a regular basis and another halogen that could be contributing to this is bromine which is found as a compound in fire retardant materials.

Interestingly it is during the last three decades that we have seen a large increase in the amount of furnishings and clothing that use fire retardant chemicals, and these are also found in cars.

Minimising Toxins

The object of positive intentional living is to recognise where health dangers may be lurking and take steps to avoid them. Chlorine and fluorine in your water are a very real link between showers and autoimmune disease. If these toxic elements do not attack the thyroid gland they will accumulate in the body, which will mount an immune response to deal with them. This continuous immune response can lead to an autoimmune issue in another part of your body (wherever you weak link might be).

Remember the problem with toxins is cumulative. You may not notice an issue for years but then all of a sudden disease strikes.

Install a Shower Head Filter

Luckily, we can easily deal with the chlorine in shower water by removing it using a simple filter that screws onto most shower head sprays. This will not unfortunately remove the fluoride, but every toxin removed is one less for your body to try to deal with.

Just do a search on Ebay for such a filter. You can find them for around A$30 or so. There are more expensive ones that may have a more effective filter system. We buy ours from Filter Systems Australia on the Gold Coast in Queensland. We have no affiliation with them but believe the owner to be very knowledgeable and helpful.

If you like to take long lingering baths in the winter, you might want to look for a filter that can fit on your bath as well.

Trying to minimise toxins in our lives, Edith and Tim at CoolWellbeing Foundation

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