How to Reduce EMFs from LED bulbs



How To Reduce EMFs from LED Bulbs

We have been doing an electro magnetic field (EMF) audit on our house using a Trifield meter that measures magnetic and electric fields as well as radio frequencies and microwaves. The purpose being to establish any problem areas where these readings are higher than they should be and then to find out how to reduce the EMFs from LED bulbs and other sources. By the way LED is short for light emitting diode. Virtually all bulbs today are LED and are low energy consumption.

One area of possible concern were the readings at head height when standing in rooms with low energy LED bulbs fitted. We noticed that in some rooms in our house the readings were above the acceptable level of 2 milligauss for prolonged exposure to a magnetic field when the lights were turned on, and we wanted to find out how to reduce EMFs from LED bulbs. The top picture shows the magnetic reading of zero as you would expect with the lights off in our living room.

A Surprising Source of EMFs

how-to-reduce-emfs-from-led-bulbs-probleml-reading-coolwellbeing-foundatioThe picture on the left shows the reading on the same scale with the LED down lights turned on. These are all 12 volt low energy consumption LED down lights and each one has a transformer to reduce the mains electricity from 240 volts down to 12 volt.

We were not happy to see that the meter reading was over 3 milligauss at head height when standing. We were concerned at this reading since we use the TV screen in this room to watch YouTube documentaries and DVDs (incidentally we do not watch broadcast TV or satellite channels and feel much better for not being sucked into the main stream advertising and news hype – it really is so liberating, try it for your self). Admittedly our heads are lower when sitting but we also cook in this room and spend a fair bit of time standing, so we really wanted to find out how to reduce EMFs from our LED bulbs so as to minimise this magnetic field reading to something closer to zero.

It occurred to me that the previous 50 Watt halogen down lights were capable of being dimmed and all the ceiling down lights are wired through a dimmer switch. The energy efficient 5.5 Watt (400 lumen) LED bulbs (MR 16, for those of you interested in the technical details) were a straight replacement swap – same two pronged fitting that inserts into a small ceramic connector. But I did remember that these LEDs were stated to be non-dimmable. This did not bother us as we barely ever used the dimmer feature with the previous halogen lights and were not thinking about how to reduce EMFs from the LED bulbs when we bought them.

I wondered if the dimmer wiring being connected to bulbs that are not dimmable could have anything to do with what seemed to us a high magnetic reading so far from the bulbs. So being an experienced DIYer, I carefully, with the power turned off, disconnected the dimmer from the circuit.

A Simple Solution

how-to-reduce-emfs-from-led-bulbs-problem-resolved-coolwellbeing-foundatioImagine our surprise and pleasure, when we switched the LEDs back on and received the gratifying reading of nearly zero in the picture on the right. We now have zero concern for our wellbeing with the LED lights on when in this room  where we spend the most amount of time in the evening.

It seems that almost by accident we found how to reduce EMFs from LED bulbs and it occurred to us that this might be a widespread issue since so many people will have tried to do the right thing in reducing their energy bills by swapping their old halogen down lights for LED down lights. But a great many of those people will also have had their lights on dimmers and could be faced with the same issue of unusually high magnetic field readings.

So we hope that this simple explanation of how to reduce EMFs from LED bulbs will help others to correct this issue. You can find the Trifield meter on Ebay, and we have no financial interest in it or any site selling them. With this meter you can conduct your own electro-magnetic audit in your home and if problem areas are discovered you can take steps to try to reduce the fields present. If you discover any problems associated with your electrical wiring or lights, please get a qualified electrician to investigate and hopefully remedy any issues found. Please be safe and do not attempt this type of remedial action yourself.

The purpose of this post is simply to alert you to a possible source of higher than expected EMFs and one way to reduce EMFs from LED bulbs. By all means do an EMF audit on your home, but please do not place yourself in danger by messing with your electrical wiring yourself.

Wishing you a low EMF home and work environment, The Team at CoolWellbeing Foundation

Here is a link to an Australian Government website for more information. Understandably, they play down the health risks of EMFs – but we would ask you to remember how the health risks of tobacco and asbestos were played down for many decades, until the evidence became irrefutable. Isn’t it far better to apply the precautionary principle than to become a statistic in the future, especially when considering risks to pregnant mothers, babies and child ie our future generations?

The Best EMF Health site gives a much more precautionary perspective from a survivor of cancer due to high magnetic field radiation exposure from a lawn mower.

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