How to Recharge Our Batteries

how-to-make-sole-salt-waterHow To Recharge Our Batteries

This is so fundamental and important to our wellbeing that it bears repeating in this blog. We all need to understand how to recharge our batteries and what this means for our health.

In Best Life Hack for Optimal Health, we gave you an overview or how important the sun is to us on this planet.

You Are a Battery

We are all beings of electrical energy that control all of the processes occurring from moment to moment in our bodies. Our hearts are electric pumps, our nerves convey electrical signals, our muscles respond to electrical stimulation, our brain sends electrical impulses between neurons, and our cells allow certain nutrients into them depending on the voltage present (for example there is something called a calcium channel voltage gate which controls how much calcium passes into cells).

Where does this electrical energy come from? Our old, life giving friend the sun is responsible for this, but we need to know how to recharge our batteries to get the maximum benefit from the sun.

Best life hack for optimal health

The 3 Steps of How to Recharge our Batteries

  • Get in the sun, preferably during the strongest UVB light exposure which is between approx 10am and 2pm. So for office workers, use your lunch break time wisely in the sun.
  • Ground yourself to the earth. Sit on grass with bare feet and/or bare hands in contact with the earth. The earth is the anode and gives us free electrons when we are in contact with it. The sun is the cathode and frequencies of light striking our skin inter react with us at a cellular level to recharge our battery with electrical energy.
  • Thirdly make sure there is electrolyte in your battery. Just as we top up our car batteries with water to ensure they hold a full charge when our car’s alternator recharges it when it is running, so we need to make sure that our bodies are “topped up” with the appropriate electrolytes for us. This means hydrating with pure water which has a good mineral content and adding good minerals into our daily routine. The simplest and cheapest way of doing this is to use Sole water. See How to Make Sole Salt Water.

Allowing our batteries to be recharged by the sun is so simple and yet so important for our optimal health. In summary, there are only three things you need to do.

  1. Make sure you find time to be in the sun with as much skin exposed as is practical.
  2. Have your skin in contact with the earth, when in the sun.
  3. Ensure you keep well hydrated and take good quality minerals such as Sole salt water.

It really doesn’t get much simpler as a major step to achieve optimal health now that you know how to recharge our batteries.

Getting our daily sun exposure medicine, Edith and Tim at CoolWellbeing Foundation.

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