How To Fix Your Gut Naturally


How To Fix Your Gut Naturally

Perhaps the single greatest gift you can give to your body and your health is to learn how to fix your gut naturally and keep it operating at optimal level.

Why Is Fixing Your Gut Important?

  • To avoid abdominal and gastro-intestinal discomfort.
  • To improve your immune system.

Fixing your gut will ensure that not only can you enjoy your food in the knowledge that you will not suffer from pain, cramping, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea, but also that your immune system will be operating to the max. doing what it is designed for and protecting you 24/7 against infection, colds and flu, contagious diseases, free radicals, cancer cell growth, attacks on your auto-immune system and the many other unseen functions it performs continually.

How is that possible?

Because up to 80% of your immune system resides in your gut, so a gut in an inflamed condition with poor diversity of good bacteria will let you down big time and NOT be giving you the protection you need to remain vibrantly healthy.

You can get this 24/7 protection just by learning how to fix your gut naturally! How about that for effective “health” insurance that does not cost you a fortune?

What Causes Gut Problems?

  • Poor quality water and insufficient hydration with pure water.
  • Poor food choices.
  • Too much sugar from all food sources (including starchy vegetables and grains).
  • Alcohol.
  • Excess caffeine from coffee and tea.
  • Sodas of all kinds.
  • Fruit juices without the fruit fibre.
  • Antibiotics.
  • Most pharmaceutical medications.
  • Proton pump inhibitors (for reducing supposedly excess stomach acid, which is rare).

This is not an exhaustive list but gives you an idea of the danger areas you will need to address if you are going to learn how to fix your gut naturally. In this article, there is not the space to go into detail for all these areas, and the majority of these are fairly self-explanatory. But we will mention food choices.

Food Choices

The key elements to eating to fix your intestinal tract and improve health are:-

  • Eat moderately – most people over eat.
  • Eat as many different foods in the course of one week as possible – this ensures diversity of bacteria, minerals & vitamins.
  • Have a predominantly plant based diet – we are not saying be vegetarian, but eat more plants aka veggies, fruit, sprouts, seeds, nuts, lentils etc than you eat animal protein.
  • Eat as many different fermented foods as possible – sauerkrauts made from all sorts of veggies, kimchi, kombucha teas, kefir (preferably from coconut milk or raw goat or sheep milk). All these will optimise your gut bacteria levels.
  • Ideally wean yourself off wheat rye and barley products – due to hybridisation the modern versions of these grains have much higher levels of proline and gluten in them, which has led to the epidemic of GI issues seen today in young and old.
  • Consume bone broths – these are really healing for your gut.
  • Drink lots of pure water every day.

What Supplements Should You Be Taking To Fix Your Gut Naturally?

There are several different ones including:-

  • Glutamine powder to heal a leaky gut.
  • N-acetyl cysteine in conjunction with glutamine to create glutathione (the most important anti-inflammatory antioxidant our bodies produce).
  • All the Vitamins – water soluble, Vitamin C and B – and the fat soluble D, E, A and K (NB K2 is essential to tell the body where to put calcium – not enough K2 and calcium is deposited in soft tissues ie arteries and not into bone – see this article).
  • Zinc carnosine and other minerals especially selenium (deficient in most Australian soils), and

Relief Ginger Enzyme Powder

Ginger Digestion Aid - Biohawk ReliefHowever, judging from the positive feedback from everyone that we have suggested it to, the single most important supplement is Relief Ginger Enzyme powder made by Biohawk. This is purely a powder made from 3 members of the ginger family harvested at exactly the most potent time. It has been developed by the eminent bio-chemist Professor Cliff Hawkins, based in Brisbane, and is such an elegant solution to an enormous problem – combating a major problem caused by a substance in food with another food. Quite brilliant and so natural!!

Click on the link above to the article about this for a fuller discussion. The short version is that:-

  • all foods contain proline and especially the cereals,
  • many people in the world, especially of Celtic and Scandinavian stock, all Asians and all indigenous populations, have immunity genes that recognise proline as a virus,
  • their bodies then mount an immune response to this,
  • but because proline is in all foods, especially cereals, their heightened immune response never relaxes
  • and this leads to inflammation in the gut and also over time to auto-immune dysfunction.

The simplest and surest way to overcome this problem and fix your gut naturally is to take Relief Ginger Enzyme powder made by Biohawk.

Yes, we do offer this product on our website and declare our financial interest in it. But we would never recommend something that we did not 100% believe in and use ourselves, plus, because of a special rate we have with Biohawk, we can offer Relief at a 10% discount to the online Biohawk price.

There are far too many people affected by illnesses and allergies today and that simply was not the case when we were growing up. It was rare to hear of close relatives like aunties or uncles or friends of one’s parents having any of the now common place illnesses and auto-immunity problems. Most of these issues are as a result of compromised gut health.

If you follow the food and drink suggestions above, you could be able to learn how to fix your gut naturally by lifestyle and diet changes and need very little in the way of supplements.

However, if you are one of the great number of people with the immunity genes that respond to proline, especially in cereals, then you may need a bit more help to heal your gut naturally. If you have questions about this, please contact us directly or leave comments below the post which will be replied to.

Wishing you good gut health, The Team at CoolWellbeing Foundation

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