Holistic Health Consultation

Tim & Edith Wellness Coaches

Are you wondering how to book a session?

We have different options available for your holistic health consultation.

In Person Consultations

You can either make an appointment to visit our home office on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia or our Central London (UK) base (generally there during European Summer months).

Skype Calls from anywhere in the world

The obvious advantage is that there is no geographic limitation merely a time zone one of picking a mutually convenient time.

Prior to all initial consultations you will be emailed a comprehensive questionnaire to complete and return which will be thoroughly reviewed before the session so that your valuable time is not wasted collecting this information during the consultation

The costs for an in depth holistic health consultation are:-

  1. Initial consultation                  AU$150.00 usually lasts over 90 mins
  2. Subsequent consultations     AU$ 95.00 usually last 1 hour

If you are interested in booking a session and seeing how we can assist you to make simple nutritional and lifestyle changes that can have a big positive impact on your health and wellbeing please contact us.

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