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Finding your way

Finding Your Way

Are you confused by all the conflicting health and wellbeing information out there? Not sure what foods you should be including in your lifestyle? Perplexed by different  exercise advice and uncertain where to start? Do not worry, you are not alone. We were in that position several years ago until we started studying, researching and trialing changes in our lifestyle. This was the genesis for CoolWellbeing, a not-for-profit foundation, established to educate people worldwide about how to regain and retain the wellbeing and good health that is their birth right. Here you will discover easy, holistic, natural methods, tips and tricks to achieve this. In addition, we are passionate about improving the health of people in the developing countries by introducing simple means of purifying drinking water in order to greatly reduce the incidence of water-borne disease.

It may sound obvious and it has been said many thousands of times before but

“Without good health we have very little.”

We cannot work effectively or at all, it is hard to think clearly or rationally, our relationships can suffer and break down, and we certainly cannot enjoy great sex.

We are born into this world with nothing and we leave it with nothing, and our health during this journey has a major impact on all aspects of our lives and loves.

2,400 years ago Hippocrates, regarded as the father of medicine, understood the importance of food as being our medicine and as medicine being our food.  Sadly during the last fifty years in the developed countries of the world something has changed.  Despite undoubted advances in modern medicine, instead of people being healthier and fitter than ever before in history, more and more people are falling victim to all forms of disease including cancers, brain tumours, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, digestive problems and food allergies, not to mention the seeming epidemic of cases of autism, ADD and ADHD.

What has happened and where have we gone wrong?  Humanity in the developed countries should be healthier than ever, but this does not appear to be the case.  The reasons for this are multi-faceted, but really boil down to the fact that we have lost sight of what is most important, which is to keep it simple and eat foods in as near to their natural state as possible. Yes, this does mean trying to minimise processed foods and use natural ingredients, but remember that processed foods with high sugar content are a very recent occurrence in the history of mankind – basically starting in earnest about 50 years ago and really ramping up in the last 20 years. Interestingly, it is during this period that we have noticed the marked increase of disease in developed countries with 1 in 3 people now expected to suffer from some form of cancer in their lives. 

The aim of this site and the email updates you will receive is to make you aware of simple changes that you can make in many aspects of your lifestyle that can lead you on the path to good health. Our health journey is of vital importance in helping us fulfill our dreams for happiness and lead our lives to the max. Sadly, many people do not appreciate the value of their health until they encounter a major problem. We hope the information provided on this site can help you to avoid that.

If you find the posts, articles and links interesting, please share with your friends so that together we can make a positive difference in people’s lives.  Happy reading!

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