Healthy Travel Tips

Healthy Travel Tips

Healthy Travel Tips

Travelling is great fun, but whether you are travelling in your own country or overseas, one thing is certain, your normal routine goes out the window. Of course, doing completely different things is the whole point of travelling but here are a few healthy travel tips to help you get the most out of your holiday.


This is the most important and the easiest to control. We always travel with our Fill2Pure stainless steel bottles that have a good filter inside enabling the safe use of tap water in most countries. They will take out most nasties and we have used them widely around the world and never had a problem. But if in really questionable water supply areas, then it may be necessary to buy bottled water but try to buy water in glass rather than plastic bottles if possible.


Good sleep is really important so you can get the most out of your travels, but it is highly likely to be affected when travelling due to jetlag and changes of routine. Easily reset your circadian rhythm by sun gazing in the early morning and late afternoon (it is recommended to do this every day whether travelling or not). Just gaze towards the sun, not directly at it, for a few minutes.

This sends the appropriate light frequency through the eyes and this activates our endocrine system enabling the correct hormonal cascade including the production of melatonin that is then released when it gets dark at night. Please note that you must look towards the sun with the naked eye – not through a window, glasses, contact lenses or sunglasses.

Use blue block orange glasses when it gets dark. Blue frequency light is given off by artificial lights (LED, halogen and fluoro), and also by the screens from TVs, laptops, tablets and phones. This blue light messes with our circadian rhythm effectively sending a message to our endocrine system that it is the middle of the day. This prevents the release of melatonin when it is required in the evening to make you sleepy before bedtime.

Ever noticed how tired you feel looking at an open fire or when only using candle light? These give off red light, which is why you also should look towards the setting sun. Using blue blocker orange glasses, which you can find inexpensively on the internet, will give you the same effect as looking at natural red light sources.

This is also a great way to help you feel sleepy when suffering from let lag.


When travelling it is really essential to maintain a basic exercise and stretching regime, especially when carrying more bags, sleeping in different beds and travelling in planes and public transport. The simplest, most effective regime is the 5 Tibetan Rites – this takes less than 10 minutes daily. These 5 exercises stretch and strengthen all muscles and joints and give you the most bang for your exercise buck. Watch the short video to get yourself started and establish a daily habit before you go travelling.

If you want to take your exercise a bit further, add in push-ups. If you have a travel backpack, load it with some heavy items you might have with you or can find in your hotel or apartment. Then put the backpack on so that it rests on the front of your body, and do swats with this added weight. Additionally, try taking stairs instead of lifts to build greater leg strength.

Wifi and Electro Smog

Wifi is everywhere now and there is no escaping it unless camping (even then there are no guarantees). When away from home, and especially when travelling, we always have our portable Tesla Gold Blushield devices with us. These emit natural frequencies for a 2m radius that harmonise with our bodies and bathe us in a coherent natural field. This natural field enables our cells to cope with the unnatural, non-native to our planet, fields that are produced by mobile phone towers, mobile data and wifi.

We have a few more portable models, as well as plugin ones to protect you when at home, and can offer these at a substantial discount to retail prices (even better than the prices mentioned in Best Wifi and Mobile phone radiation protection. Please contact us on if you or anyone you know might be interested, while we still have a few at a very good discount.


Inevitably, when travelling the food you will find is quite different to what your digestive system is used to. This and different bacteria in water are the main reasons people can experience upset stomachs when on holiday. Our delicate and finely tuned microbiome or gut bacteria, just do not like to be invaded by strange bacteria from another part of the planet.

Our microbiome is best balanced and nutured by the foods that we source locally to where we live. This why it is best to try to eat foods only when in season and which are produced in your home country.

Obviously, this is impossible when travelling, but unless you know you have a ‘cast iron’ stomach, please bear in mind that a big departure from the foods you normally eat may not be what your stomach prefers. So do listen to your body and choose foods wisely when travelling.

In order to support gut health when travelling (or anytime for that matter), the best supplement that we have come across is Biohawk Relief Ginger Enzyme. Professor Cliff Hawkins, the bio-chemist who has developed this natural food produced from the ginger family, has many clients who have seen marked improvement in their conditions merely by improving the functioning of their gut. This will certainly help to keep your system robust when travelling. Especially in conjunction with the other healthy travel tips mentioned.

If you are staying in one place for a couple of weeks or more, our high recommendation is to make a jar of your own fermented cabbage, which is a very good probiotic to support gut bacteria health. This is very easy and quick.

  1. Take off a couple of outer leaves of a small cabbage (white or red preferably organic) and retain.
  2. Cut the rest of the cabbage into small shreds, put into a bowl and mix in 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of Himalayan or other good quality sea salt.
  3. Mix by hand the shredded cabbage so that the salt is well mixed, and then push all the cabbage into a glass jar (using your fist, rolling pin or similar), trying to squeeze as much juice out of the cabbage as possible.
  4. Lay the leaves removed on the top and push down.
  5. Fill the jar with pure water to cover the leaves and leave jar open but covered for approx. 3 days at room temperature for the fermentation process to do its magic.
  6. The jar may need to be topped up with water and you should see bubbles rising up when fermentation has started.
  7. When ready (this depends on ambient temperature), remove the leaves on the top, which will probably look discoloured, and start enjoying your natural probiotic.
  8. Store the jar in the fridge.

So there you have a few healthy travel tips. Travelling is great fun – a major part of which is doing different things. Just remember that our digestive track is more of a ‘home body’ and may not be happy with a lot of different food and bacteria experiences, so treat it with respect.

Enjoying healthy travelling, Edith and Tim at CoolWellbeing Foundation




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