stop the yo-yo dieting – it is bad for you

Nature has intended for us to enjoy healthy fats for efficient nourishment.  When your body feels sufficiently nourished, you will not have to go through hunger pangs and sugar cravings, which so often are bed partners on all these other various diets.

Starving is actually counterproductive to losing weight – quite the opposite.  The body goes into panic mode – thinking a huge famine is coming on and therefore conveniently shuts down, actually holding on to the fat – rather than releasing the stored fat.

It will also cause your blood sugar level to go through to China and this again is very unsettling for your overall wellbeing and health.

Nutritional satisfaction is the signal from your body to yourself (the mind/ego) that food will be in abundance.  This feeling of satiation induces you to eat less in the first place. The body then does not feel threatened and go into panic mode – quite the opposite – it will then start to release the fat deposits.

When we talk about good fats, we refer to saturated fats such as those found in coconut oil, butter, cream, and red meat.

Amongst all the saturated fats available, coconut oil is the most bio available to us, which means it is the most readily absorbed and utilized of all the fats.

When you consistently use coconut oil (along with other healthy fats) you provide vital nourishment to every cell in your body, which supports optimal function of our nerves, brain, hormones, immune system, and your metabolism.

Again at the threat of repeating myself and nausea:-

“A truly revolutionary new method of losing weight without all the above issues of hugely fluctuating insulin levels, hunger pangs, sugar cravings etc. is to consume saturated fats, which simply leads you to being satiated.
This means that it will stop you from overeating, because you feel full very quickly.”

The first step you have to take on the road to achieving a great body and fantastic health is fairly easy:

– Take 2 tablespoons of good quality coconut oil before every meal, 3x per day.

– Stay off wheat products and all other fast foods – eat plenty of green vegetables with a small serving of protein (red meat, chicken, fish), and consume plenty of clean water (i.e. free of fluoride, and alkaline – preferably filtered by reverse osmosis).

Information taken from “Eat Fat – Lose Fat” Dr. Mary Enig

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