composition of dietary fats


No dietary oil is purely saturated or unsaturated.  All natural fats and oils consist of a mixture of the three classes of fatty acids.  To say an oil is saturated or monounsaturated is a gross oversimplification.  Olive oil is often called ‘monounsaturated’ because it is predominantly monounsaturated, but like all vegetable oils, it also contains some polyunsaturated and saturated fats (see table for the amounts of each kind of fatty acid found in different fats and oils).

What is important to remember in choosing your oils and fats is to avoid polyunsaturated unless it occurs in an oil or fat that has not been highly processed. It is the processing of oils that makes them harmful to our bodies that is why we steer clear of ALL processed and hydrogenated vegetable oils such as the ones marked in red below and use the ones marked in green especially coconut oil and butter. We also use ghee, which is clarified butter, that we make ourselves from organic butter from grass fed cows.

.                                               Percent of            Percent of                      Percent of
.                                               saturated             monounsaturated           polyunsaturated
.                                               fats                      fats                                 fats

Canola Oil                                   6                              62                              32

Safflower oil                               10                             13                              77

Sunflower oil                              11                             20                              69

Corn Oil                                     13                             25                              62

Soybean oil                                15                            24                               61

Olive oil                                      14                            77                               9

Chicken fat                                31                            47                               22

Lard                                           41                            47                               12

Beef fat                                      52                            44                               4

Palm oil                                      51                            39                              10

Butter                                         66                            30                               4

Coconut oil                              92                            6                                 2

From “The Coconut Oil Miracle” by Bruce Fife

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