Sugar and Toxic Nightmare


Have you got your head in the sand?

Let us walk you through a daily routine of an ordinary, everyday person to highlight the issues faced with regards to keeping ones toxic levels at bay:-

1. Upon waking, you might drink some instant coffee – which contains acrylamide, a chemical compound, which can lead to nerve damage.

2. Next you step into the shower and have a nice, long and most probably hot shower to further wake you up.  Your pores are all open by now and you start washing your hair with your favourite shampoo, laced with SLS (sodium lauryl and laureth sulphate).  This is an industrial by product, which is used as an engine degreaser and floor de-waxer – yep you heard right.  It has also been linked to cancer, vision disorders, and break down of cell membranes, allergies etc.

3. Next you will probably use a nice foamy soap or shower gel – same story.

4. Once you get out of the shower, by now your skin has really taken a beating and it needs to be moisturized – again the same story.  Hundreds of chemicals are put into our cosmetics, which are known to be cancer inducing.

5. Next place to attend to is our armpits – no one wants to smell.  So on goes the anti-perspirant deodorant, which is a veritable concoction of chemicals including aluminium, which has been directly linked to breast cancer.

6. Then you go on to have a bowl of ready-made cereals – this bowl contains your weekly allowance of sugar in one hit!  Poured over by some white water that masquerades as milk, accompanied by a glass of “pure” orange juice laden with yet more sugar!

7. Your breakfast will be followed by your dental care – minty tasting toothpaste with fluoride – good for your teeth right – well this is another misconception.  This product is an industrial by product of the phosphate and aluminium industries – a toxic dump product.  Fluoride has been shown to lower IQ, be responsible for heart disease, and calcifies your pineal gland, where the melatonin production takes place.

8. Then you get into your car, which may have been standing outside in the sun and the plastic is nicely heated up, if you live in the sub-tropics like we do.  You of course inhale that highly toxic stuff whilst driving to work.  Or you are standing on the side of the road, waiting for a bus, inhaling all the car fumes!!

9. Once you get to the office, you will sit there for around a minimum of 8 hours and inhale this artificially controlled air – not necessarily toxic, but certainly not like the fresh air you should by rights inhale.

10. You are most likely to have a mid morning instant coffee again, accompanied by a nice sugary sticky bun made of white flower.  That will keep you going until lunchtime, by which time your blood sugar level has gone through the floor to China.

11. Then onto lunch – a nice piece of ciabatta bread with some chicken strips cooked in trans fats,  perhaps accompanied by a couple of pieces of lettuce and some tomatoes.  Those were picked green and then matured in some storage facility. Again this white bread will keep you going until mid afternoon, after which you may repeat the mid morning snack.

12. In the evening – you might visit the gym if you are feeling inclined to look after your health, which is great.  But whilst showering and changing afterwards, you will no doubt use the same personal care products as you did in the morning.

13. When you get home you are by now starving – so you have a nice low fat/no fat pre-prepared frozen dinner.  Hardly any nutritional value in it really so to speak of.   By now you have certainly starved your poor body of its essential nutrients with poor food choices, plus loaded up on external toxins.

14. By 10pm you are probably a bit ‘peckish’.  There are some nice chocolate chip cookies in the pantry, so you have a couple – another nice sugar hit! This will keep you going for another hour or so and then you try to get 6 hours sleep.

When you wake up in the morning, you wonder why you are waking tired and listless.  The reason you are not feeling on top of the world is due to what you have put in your mouth and the general toxic overload that comes with modern day living.  This toxic overload accumulates over a period of time. Then one day it presents you with an illness, because your body simply cannot cope with it any longer.

So it goes on and on even without taking into consideration all the washing powders, dishwashing tablets etc., which are mostly very toxic too.

Your work environment in an office, where you are forced to spend long hours in front of a computer terminal is not conducive to good health.  The electromagnetic fields (EMF) in that particular situation is overwhelming for your body over a long period of time.  See separate blog on the dangers of WIFI/mobile phones.

The overload on your system seems to be a never-ending burden of toxicity.

However, the solution is quite simple:

1. Be conscious of what you are putting in your mouth.

2. Pay attention to what you are putting on your body.

3. Pay attention to your household cleaning products.

4. Switch off your mobile phones when sleeping.

As the famous Dr. Henry Bieler, one of the wisest doctors that ever lived stated:

“My dear, if it isn’t pure enough to eat, it isn’t pure enough for your skin.”

Our tips to avoid the pitfalls of personal care products are as follows:-

We use coconut oil liberally for make up remover and general moisturizer.  We also use natural aloe vera gel or our very own aloe vera from the garden as a moisturizer.  We only buy natural soaps.  To clean our teeth we use herbal toothpaste.  For deodorant, Tim uses a natural mineral stick available from most chemists or drug stores, and I use a paste of bicarbonate of soda  (which has no aluminium in it) available from your grocery store mixed with pure water, which works extremely well.

For household cleaners we try to use biodegradable products, which are less toxic.

With regards to the car – we always open the car doors for a minute or wind down the windows and then get into the car.  Once we have started the car we leave the windows down for 30 seconds or so until all the hot and toxic air has dissipated.

Once again, be careful what you put on your skin and in your hair – most of the commercially available products are highly toxic – so read the labels so you are aware of which ones to avoid.  A lot of the personal care products state “natural and organic” – check it out, as these are very broad terms to describe a product.  What the manufacturer interprets as natural and organic, probably most likely does not coincide with your definition of these words.

So eat carefully, watch what you put on your body, exercise (see separate blog), put your mobile phone away at night (see separate blog) and you will feel great!

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