We were in the fortunate position to visit Jim Humble in the Dominican Republic in May 2011 and spent three weeks there, being trained by him and Mark Grenon.  It was an amazing experience for the both of us and we have been staunch supporters of this great method of treating people.

We are often asked for more information about this mineral solution, as it has had quite a bit of bad press in the last few years.  So without further ado, we are presenting you with in-depth information from the Genesis2church, which Jim created some years ago.  This is to protect anyone who dispenses this amazing mineral from being accused of treating patients without a medical license.

We ourselves have been using this for the past few years with great success.  Even with our inordinate amount of travelling that we have done in the past, we hardly ever get sick apart from maybe a head cold.

MMS Facts Sheet

What is MMS?

MMS is the common name for Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), which is produced when Sodium Chlorite is mixed (activated) with an acid (usually citric acid—a common citrus fruit extract). In 1997, it was discovered that Chlorine Dioxide quickly cured malaria. Further research revealed that many other ailments could either be improved or cured. Extensive anecdotal case history (12,13,14) exists showing statistically significant improvements and even cures in cancer, autism, infections, dental issues… even HIV/AIDS.

Sounds “Too Good to be True” or like some kind of Snake Oil.

That’s what most people think at first… until they dig further and learn more about the subject.

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)… Sounds like bleach or what goes in my pool

Although the word Chlorine is in the name, it is very different from common household Clorox Bleach or pool chlorine, which are poisons known to be carcinogenic (7,8).
Chlorine Dioxide works differently than Chlorine in that it destroys the pathogens completely through oxidation, and is itself destroyed in the reaction leaving nothing behind to build up or cause side effects. The by-products are table salt, discharged oxygen atoms, and the remains of dead pathogens that are easily removed by the body. (Chlorine Dioxide = ClO2, Chlorine = Cl, Bleach (sodium hypochlorite) = NaOCl. ClO2 does not equal Cl and does not equal NaOCl).

What research has been… or is being done on MMS?

A growing grass roots effort by researchers worldwide have discovered that MMS can provide surprising health benefits if used properly. These researchers have been experimenting on themselves, their families and friends. Their discoveries are revolutionary and the word is spreading throughout the world.

Can a person get hurt or sick from MMS?

If used incorrectly, MMS can hurt you, which can be said for almost anything, including water, aspirin or peanuts. The key to using MMS is going low & slow. MMS is a strong detoxing tool. As such, it requires respect, knowledge and proper use. However, MMS and healthy human tissue both have a positive electrical charge and therefore repel each other. On the other hand, the surface of pathogens carry a negative electrical charge (9,10) which attracts them to MMS where they can be oxidized. Also, no deaths have ever been attributed to MMS while each year over 700,000 deaths are attributed to traditional medical intervention, in the US alone (1).
This leads to the next topic…

How is MMS used and how much should I take?

The complete answer to this is beyond the scope of a single-page facts sheet. There are several different ways to use MMS. The quantity, application and frequency must be adjusted to the particular individual’s health and what they are trying to address. The most common MMS protocol (17) begins with one drop of activated MMS an hour. However, if the person has serious health problems, they need to be careful and go “low and slow”, and start with as little as a 1⁄4 drop an hour, while beginners should not exceed 3 drops an hour. Why? As MMS kills pathogens (through oxidation), toxins are dumped into the bloodstream with the expectation that the liver will do its job and filter them out. Someone who is sick usually has a weak and slow performing liver. If the MMS detox process, or any detox process, goes too fast, it creates an overload of toxins from pathogen die-off (commonly knows as a Herxheimer Reaction [15] ). This means that toxins are being dumped faster than the liver can eliminate them, resulting in such reactions as nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea (as the body attempts to quickly dispose of excess toxins by other means). Critics have claimed that nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are “dangerous” side effects of MMS use. Generally speaking they are avoidable with proper MMS use, and going low and slow. However, Penicillins which are considered to be “some of the least toxic drugs known” can produce diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach. In rare cases penicillins can cause immediate and delayed allergic reactions—specifically, skin rashes, fever, and anaphylactic shock (6). Most critics and doctors accept routine antibiotic use, even though these same “dangerous” side effects are frequently noted with such antibiotic use.

Who should use MMS?

The answer to this depends on various factors. Are you the type of person who takes responsibility for your own health? Or, would you rather put your health in the hands of a doctor? MMS requires you to listen to your body and understand what it is saying. How you react to MMS depends on your health issues and how well your body (specifically the liver and kidneys) can expel toxins.

What do doctors say about MMS?

If you asked the average doctor, they most likely know little about MMS and most have never heard of it, although this is rapidly changing. There are growing numbers of doctors and health practitioners using it in 3rd world countries with very encouraging results. Unfortunately, what doctors are allowed to prescribe (and say) in the US and other first world countries is very controlled—although some will talk positively about it off-the-record.

What does the FDA say about MMS?

To date, the FDA released an official notice (2) saying MMS is dangerous and that nobody should use it. However, Chlorine Dioxide is a weaker oxidizer than both oxygen and ozone, both of which are used in the human body for health benefits. Chlorine Dioxide has an oxidation potential of .95 volts, oxygen has an oxidation potential of 1.28 volts and ozone has an oxidation potential of 2.07 volts. Healthy human tissue is able to withstand 1.28 volts, (the oxidation potential of oxygen) and therefore cannot be harmed by Chlorine Dioxide. Pathogens, on the other hand are no match for the .95 volts of Chlorine Dioxide, in fact, Chlorine Dioxide has been known to kill bacteria in a petri dish in 2-5 seconds. Ironically, the FDA approves of Chlorine Dioxide in food processing and many other applications.

A little MMS history

MMS was developed by Jim Humble, a gold miner and metallurgist, on an expedition into the jungles of Central America, looking for gold. Two men in his expedition came down with malaria. Humble always carried stabilized oxygen with him on such expeditions, to make local water potable. Facing the possibility of a quick loss of life, he gave it to the stricken men. To everyone’s amazement, they got well within hours. Humble wanted to better understand what had just happened, so over several years he discovered that what made stabilized oxygen so effective in many malaria cases, was not the oxygen at all, but the trace amounts of chlorine dioxide. Further research led him to discover how to specifically increase the amount of this key ingredient. Humble has authored several books detailing his discoveries. His most recent publication came out in 2011 named, The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium (3).

In 2010, Jim Humble founded the non-religious Genesis II Church of Health & Healing (5) to serve as a legal structure to help share his discovery. The church does NOT ask anyone to change their religious beliefs. It does promote one simple concept: “ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING!” The church organization also produces frequent training seminars throughout the world where MMS experts share their knowledge and train those who wish to help heal the sick throughout the world.

This Jim guy must be getting rich from this MMS thing…

Actually, you can ask anyone who knows him personally (and many do)… Jim lives a simple life. He has never sold MMS. All proceeds from his book sales go to fund church activities and overhead to help spread the word.

The Controversy

There are individuals and organizations that are trying to stop MMS. Misinformation and disinformation are all over the internet and elsewhere, making it very difficult for the average person to separate truth from fiction. Even commonly trusted sources, such as Wikipedia (4) contain false and misleading information about Jim Humble and his MMS discovery. The biggest enemy of MMS is ignorance—sometimes intentional… sometimes not.

Who is fighting against MMS?

MMS challenges the heart of the medical establishment including Big Pharma. Obviously, if MMS is what it claims to be, then it will impact the bottom line of the world’s biggest industry. The Big Pharma lobby is known to have significant influence on the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration). In fact, the FDA is legally going after Daniel Smith of Project GreenLife, a mail-order company that supplied MMS until it was raided and shut down. Fortunately, all is not lost…

Who is fighting for MMS?

The US Observer (16), a well-known on-line and print investigative news source that helps innocent victims of false charges, has decided to stand up for Daniel Smith against the FDA. Of course, there are independent citizens all over the world who are interested in cost effective health and healing for themselves and their families. These people are not afraid to try something that is unconventional or unproven. There are many medical professionals who have also discovered the value of MMS and are using it in 3rd world countries to treat patients, themselves and their families.

Where can I find testimonials from real people who have used MMS?

The internet is saturated with testimonials from around the world (12,13,14).
You can also find many forums that discuss MMS. conducted a survey (11) of hundreds of users. The results revealed that about 80% of users had positive benefits.

Who is behind this MMS Facts Sheet and why?

A group of private citizens from around the world who want the truth to come out while spreading the word. The intent of this facts sheet is to provide you with just enough basic information to do further research, while highlighting the brewing controversy, so as to make it easier for you to remain objective. The minimal information provided here only scratches the surface. We encourage you to consider the possible motivations on all sides and draw your own conclusions.



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