origin of heart diet myth

Just bought this fantastic book by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride “Put your heart in your mouth”.  In the book she explains the shocking diet-heart hypothesis, first proposed in 1953 by Anzel Keys, director of the Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene at the University of Minnesota.

His hypothesis stated that dietary fats, including cholesterol cause heart disease.  By avoiding these foods we can avoid heart disease!!!

In order to support this idea, Ancel Keys made a diagram, which showed the correlation of fat consumption and mortality from heart disease in six countries, which he carefully selected out of the 22 countries for which data was available.

This diagram showed a perfect correlation; the more fat consumed, the more deaths from heart disease.  However, when all the remaining countries are added back to the diagram this correlation disappears.  In fact the diagram now shows that there is no correlation between fat consumption and dying from heart disease!!

This is how Ancel Keys made his diagram and the scientific community at the time accepted this as kind of scientific evidence, hook, line and sinker!!! This is how this diet, heart and fat hypothesis started – from a deception!

In the States at the time, heart disease became endemic and therefore the medical establishment and politicians wanted something done – so they embraced this hypothesis and money started pouring in.  Then the researchers had to come up with something that fit the bill and so they got to work and started on hundreds of studies world wide to prove that dietary fat and cholesterol was the root of this serious issue regarding heart health.

The proponents used their data very selectively and ignored the data that did not support the hypothesis by Ancel Keys.  For every study that supported the idea, honest studies were coming in from different countries proving it to be wrong.  However, once the political and commercial machine was in motion, it was not prepared to stop this deception in order to cut off this extremely lucrative hypothesis.

Dr Reiser, a former professor of biochemistry at Texas university conducted a thorough review of almost all the experiments on the influence of dietary fatty acids on blood cholesterol.  His conclusion was that most experiments were ‘biased by serious faults”

Just think of the statin drugs that are now pushed on everyone – they are completely useless and actually dangerous, but worth billions if not trillions of dollars worldwide.

If you read Dr. Natasha Campbells book – she will give you many more respected scientists views, which clearly show that this was a campaign to convince everyone to change their diets and also initiate drug therapy (see separate blog on statins) based on fabrication, erroneous interpretation etc.

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