cure arthritis with the mineral boron

“Curious to know why borax (boron) is one of the most important remedies to kill fungus and nano-bacteria? Us too! We asked our independent contributor from Bangkok for clarification on why borax is an important home remedy to consider in certain cases like dog mange, lupus and rosacea and candida albicans.

Ted’s response: “There is a lot of evidence why borax is effective against nearly all forms of fungus, whether they be mycoplasma found in lupus, rosacea, dog mange, interstitial cystitis plasmodium parasites, Morgellons disease, or even pneumonia. I think borax medicine is one of the medicines most ignored, misinformed or even suppressed in our present society. The authorities have done it so well that very few know that the toxicity of borax is about equal to that of simple table salt.I have seen almost daily, people dying of pneumonia (James Brown died a couple of days ago), a Thai actor got his brains eaten by a plasmodium, for example. The possible cure is relatively simple: borax. Every time I see people dying, borax always come to mind, and you probably see why. Even health experts such as Dr. Batmanhelidj (Your Body Cries for Water) got pneumonia.  I think pneumonia kills just as many people, it’s just that cancer and heart disease take greater billboard area. Because of the way the medical system is structured, heart disease and cancer is more profitable, and a simple magnesium and pH may have helped both problems in prevention and possibly cure (I have seen this on many occasions) for a lot less cost.

Borax can also be used against fungus (Candida Albicans for example), a well-known fact amongst microbiologists but totally unknown to the public.

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    • From research it seems the suggested maintenance dose would be 1/8 teaspoon daily for 5 days then 2 days of rest – for arthritis or osteoporosis sufferers it seems that 1/4 teaspoon is suggested, again 5 days on and 2 days off. The doses should be mixed with pure water and taken during the day not just in one go. The simplest way to measure these amounts is to take a slightly rounded teaspoon full of Borax (this represents 5×1/4 teaspoons) and dissolve in 1 litre of pure water. For the maintenance dose pour out 100ml of this and drink part of this spread through the day followed by a glass of water each time. If this is too difficult, taking twice a day seems to be fine but always with plenty of water. The original 1 litre will last for 10 days ie 2 weeks allowing for the 2 rest days. For more serious conditions double the amount taken ie 200ml per day again spread through the day if possible followed by plenty of water. At this dose the 1 litre will last for 1 week. It must be remembered that this is not to be taken as medical advice and does not replace a consultation with a qualified health care practicioner. This is not intended as a recommendation to take boron, merely to alert people to the possible benefits that may be derived from it. All readers should do their own research and form their own opinions in consultation with their qualified health care practicioner as to what course of treatment is appropriate for them.

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