coconut oil as an antibacterial agent

Before antibiotics, medical science had very little to offer a patient who was suffering from a bacterial infection.  However, with the advent of antibiotics all that changed radically.

In the past decades antbiotics have been overprescribed and it has had a disastrous effect on the general population.  The incredibly important balance of good gut flora versus the bad flora has simply got out of hand, and once the good gut bacteria are destroyed by antibiotics it is very difficult to build them back up without making a special effort.

In the past, natural products such as foods and herbs, which exhibited natural antibiotic properties, were used for generations to combat bacteria.  One of these natural substances is coconut oil.

The fatty acids found in coconut oil are powerful antibiotics. They are known to kill bacteria that can cause numerous illnesses, such as those listed below.
Some of the bacteria that medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) are effective against and the common diseases these organisms cause:

Bacteria killed by Medium Chain Fatty Acids

Bacterium                  Disease caused

Streptococcus –         Throat infections, pneumonia, sinusitis, earache, rheumatic fever,
.                                  dental cavities

Staphylococcus –       Staph infection, food poisoning, urinary tract infection,
.                                  toxic shock syndrome

Neisseria –                 Meningitis, gonorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease

Chlamydia –               Genital infections, lumphogranuloma venereum, Conjunctivitis,
.                                  parrot fever pneumonia, peritonitis

Helicobacter –            Stomach ulcers

Gram-positive –          Anthrax, gastroenteritis, botulism, tetanus organism

Instead of reaching for an antibiotic every time you have an infection (unless of course it is life-threatening) consider using a herb such as Echinacea or eat onions and garlic.

Or, take some of the ‘good ole coconut oil’ and be done with it, knowing it will do the trick and at the same time give you great skin.

The coconut oil miracle by Bruce Fife

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