In an age of information overload, old dogma from  medical establishments and downright disinformation from some industry sectors trying to protect their market share, it has become increasingly difficult for us to navigate our way through the mass of conflicting information that is out there on how to regain or maintain optimal health. it seems that nearly every week there is some new study debunking an old nutritional myth of the medical establishment and then another study appears with exactly the opposite findings. What are you supposed to believe and how can you steer your way through this confusion?

Don’t despair or give up, and think it is all so difficult to know what is best to do for your health that you do nothing at all, and keep on making the same choices as before – mainly out of habit, that keeps you in your comfort zone, but also out of inertia, due to confusion and no clear pathway to follow.

We have a solution for you and that is the purpose of this site, and our work, to show you that there is a path you can follow when presented with the most recent information and research on nutrition and natural cures. Each person’s journey will be different, but the end goal is the same – to regain and maintain great health.

In the last few years we have devoted ourselves to researching the work of cutting edge members of the growing functional medicine community worldwide. We have read their books, studied research papers cited, viewed or listened to countless hours of videos, documentaries and webinar interviews, and been on a very steep learning curve. This website represents a small part of the knowledge we have gained and will be expanded as time permits.

Everything we refer to we have incorporated into our lifestyle from nutrition, to meditation, to exercise, to supplements and more. It works for us. We are extremely fit and healthy and have more energy than many people we know several decades younger.

Tips and tricks we have picked up during our research are scattered throughout the site. We are in the process of completing an ebook on general health tips incorporating some of the information on this site together with recent research not yet included. This will have links to sources of products that we have established over the years to be the best for price, quality and reliability. Do not worry this is not some marketing scam, we have NO financial interest in any of these companies other than the products for sale on this site, We just want to give you the benefit of our work over the years and save you a whole heap of time in trying to source these items from scratch.

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