explosive expose – truth about SSRIs

The truth about antidepressants

SSRI (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor )

By Jim Stone – freelance journalist (http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/)

This man is a hero in our books – we urge you to read on

This report is based mainly upon information I gathered during a study of antidepressants I did in 2008/09. This was the study that netted the classified documents from GSK, when I accidentally hacked into a classified section of their corporate server and was gifted with a nice find rather quickly. Hmm, I did go there to hack, but it was so easy I’d call it an accidental find.There were thousands of pages, and it really can be summed up to a statement and a graph.The statement –

Glaxo knew it’s products destroyed people, and it was no secret at all. They conducted numerous studies and all had the same outcome – that their products destroyed people. All the studies, which were done on different age groups, followed the same format – a control group given a placebo, a test group given the real thing and told to relax a lot, and a second test group that was given the real thing and required to attend a daily hard exercise routine. They administered the antidepressants for 8 weeks.

The test groups which were given the real thing and told to relax had to describe their lives a year after the test. The complaints in this group amounted to relationships with friends changing, loss of passion in marriages, and other various things, but no job losses or any inability to perform for work.

The test groups which had to exercise while on the antidepressant (in this case it was Paxil) had significant physical problems, losses of jobs, destroyed marriages and relationships, the damage was horrible and the time on the antidepressant was only 8 weeks

Glaxo then recommended people be on their product for no less than 9 months while exercising daily.

It’s obvious what this is. And the FDA approves them, because from the medical side of things Paxil and the other antidepressants are only supposed to be given to people who would typically be found rolling around on the floor of a psych ward stabbing at demons. That is the grounds under which the FDA approves antidepressants – they are (supposed) to be prescribed only to basket cases, and when used on total basket cases, they do have a purpose.

When given to normal people with a little depression, they get the hardcore psych ward treatment which basically amounts to permanently erasing who they are, a chemical lobotomy.

And there was one spooky document in the mix, where Glaxo discussed their other products and products made by other manufacturers, and in that document it was obvious that ALL antidepressants are designed to do exactly the same thing, and the document amounted to an analysis of how their products stacked up against the others in this regard.

There is no such thing as an antidepressant you can go on for more than a short period of time (a month) and come off of and still be what you were. And the reason is clearly shown in this graph below, which was the sum total way of saying what it took two years to discover, it in one graph shows you exactly HOW an antidepressant destroys you.


Don’t go telling me antidepressants “gently lift” your serotonin levels. Don’t go telling me they are candy or anything casual. I can prove to anyone that antidepressants are worse than street meth, refined heroin, or any of the other drugs out there. Antidepressants are the CHAMPION of evil, the most destructive drugs ever created and it’s easy to prove.

Ah, but I’m stupid, right? How can I know this, RIGHT?


Prove me stupid then

If you want to prove me an idiot, just tell ALL your patients, or your friends, or yourself, to STOP TAKING THEM COLD TURKEY. Try it! Street junkies don’t get a wash out period. Try me. Go cold turkey. Prove me stupid. Prove me wrong. COME ON NOW, I DARE YOU. And do so while camping in the wilderness, where you have all the supplies you need to get by for a month, and your friend drives away with the 4 wheel drive leaving you stranded with no way to get more of your drug


If you can’t go camping, just flush what you have down the toilet, and don’t buy more. Try it and see how long you last.


If I am wrong, and they are not lying in all of those cute little commercials, you won’t have ANY problem stopping.

If you are on antidepressants, you are an innocent junkie far beyond any street doper, and following my instructions above will PROVE IT.


And now . .


Some of the testimonies sent in by people affected by these drugs SSRI


“Please consider this before commenting on antidepressants in a positive way.

About 10 years ago, the medical school at a major university began to notice a large number of cadavers coming in (for the medical students to work on) which had indented and calcified frontal lobes in their brains.

Puzzled by this, they went through the life history of each cadaver that had this anomaly, and discovered that in every case, the person had been on SSRI antidepressants.

The level of brain damage indicated that each of the cadavers had been lobotomized.

The people who drew the connection between the calcified and collapsed frontal lobes (the part of the brain which contains your soul) and antidepressants received offers of money to keep it secret, and when they chose to go public anyway, received anonymous death threats against their families and children if they ever went public.

I have seen many people get destroyed by antidepressants, all the while they said all was well. Invariably they go down the toilet as they eventually move toward complete and total emotional and personality flatline.”

– – – – – –

“I decided I did not want to be ruled by this drug. Under the supervision of my doctor over a two month period, I weened myself from cymbalta forever. Each time I went down to a smaller dose I got sick. I had headaches, brain zaps, nausea, flu-like symptoms, I blacked out, my memory would get worse, until the culmination of taking no Cymbalta at all. Fortunately my mother is retired and was able to stay with me- I was withdrawaling like I assume people do on heavy street drugs! I would go to sleep hoping I would not wake up and be in pain throughout the day. My pain would get worse as the day progressed and by 4:00 I could barely stand the headaches, nausea, the ear ringing, and brain zaps. It has been a year since I have been off of Cymbalta and I continue to have horrible headaches that get worse as the day progresses; my ears ring, and my vision is screwed up. I see little lights at night time. My memory is not what it used to be and when I tell my doctors that I think I was permanatley poisoned by cymbalta they look at me like I am crazy (and isn’t that the reason I went on the cymbalta in the first place?)”

– – – – – –

“I am on my 7th day of no Cymbalta after being on it for only 3 weeks. I went from 60mg to 30mg, no problem. Then 30mg to 15mg, by making my own pills from the 30mg. Brain Zaps started. Now since I am clean for 7 days the Brain Zaps are hell, I think I even blink when they hit me. Inside my head the Zaps sound like a chattering angry squirrel. The people that made this drug must have never tested it for withdrawals. I have terrible back pain, have trouble sleeping, and have even cried twice this week. I just took 50mg of benedryl and 1000mg of tylenol hoping I can sleep tonight. I also gained weight on the drug. Has anyone that dealt with the Brain Zaps stopped having them all together? They are so bad, I am afraid to drive, I now understand why some folks kill themselves coming off drugs like this one. If there is a happy ending, I would love to know about it. Almost forgot, Blood Pressure has gone thru the roof coming off this stuff.”

– – – – – –

“I will name the countless symptoms and probably unreversable brain damage I am living with after Effexor. There are good days in wich some of the symptoms won’t arise for exception of the pain. Those are the days I can be a mother and wife but still the shadow of the energetic person I was. Back in July all the symptoms hit me all at once. Blury vision, dizzy, letargic, high pitch ringing in my ears, exhaustion, pain all over my body, joints and muscles. Muscle twitching, slurred speech, urinary incontinence at times, hair lose in patches. It is impossible for me to normally work at any type of job now. I have states where I would forget what I am doing. I have times in wich I have a hard time controlling voluntary motor functions in my legs and arms (such as not being able to write, open a bottle or carry anything). Every now and then muscles will begin to twitch, then just stop, out of the blue. I became lethargic and have no energy to do anything. Not to mention times or days when I can not drive due to the chance that I would have an accident beacuse of the sudden blury vision or dizzines that make it dificult to see. Not to mention when I suddenly forget where I am going or doing.”

– – – – – –

Since I started taking effexor, My memory is going out the window. I am having trouble remembering things from yesterday, granted I haven’t always been the best to remember things. I have noticed that I am forgetting tasks at work, this has never happened. I find myself using an entire pad of sticky notes, and forgetting to complete the notes written.

I’ve been taking Effexor since last November, and I’ve been having memory problems. Even yesterday I can barely remember. It’s so difficult. Usually, I had a good memory but now it has gone down hill.

I’ve been on it for about 9 months, and the SAME thing is happening to me. i forget things daily, lose things often, and my attention span is like a 3 year old boy. my doctor also told me theyre not connected, but i KNOW they are, which is the main reason i’m coming off the drug now. i wishi would have been informed of all this before i got hooked on the stinking drug.

I have been experiencing memory loss for awhie also. I started taking Effexor spring 2005. Before that I had been taking Zoloft, which was not working for my anxiety and depression. I notice about 3-6 months into taking Effexor that my short term memory was playing tricks on me and the more I think about it the more I realize this drug has something to do with that. What should we do now? Does anyone else think we should be contacting the company and find out the truth about this being a side effect???

– – – – – –

“I have been on Celexa for almost three years. the results: lost a job and a marriage due to being so non complacent but gained 20 lbs. I skipped a few doses several weeks ago and decided it was time to wean myself off. I tapered down very quickly and am now dealing with the following withdrawal symptoms:

Blurred vision 
Jolting electric “zaps” (at bedtime) 
Tingling sensations 
Abdominal discomfort 
Flu symptoms and general malaise 
Gait disturbances 
Sleep disturbance and insomnia 
Vivid dreams 
Memory and concentration difficulties 
Crying spells 

The aggression is the scariest part but now that I know almost everyone experiences this I feel better. From reading most of the posts it doesn’t seem to matter if you wean yourself or go cold turkey, the withdrawal symptoms appear the same.”

– – – – – –

I believe SSRIs “cause” neurogenesis through the brains compensatory mechanisms. By inducing a massive chemical imbalance at the synaptic level, SSRIs force the brain to respond by shutting down these connections and creating new ones (which then get shut down, and the cycle continues). Unfortunately, these new connections (axons) often resemble the type of new axonal growth (swollen/corksrew appearance) seen after recovery from a neurotoxic MDMA regimen. (editor’s note – MDMA is Ecstacy) These axons also often grow and/or project into areas where they did not before, and the significance of this is as of yet unknown.

7. The most troubling permanent lasting adverse neurological effects you may experience after prolonged SSRI usage (and consequent STOPPING) are :

a). Word finding troubles
b). Absolute emotional flatness and deadness
c). Permanently reduced sex drive
d). An odd, pervasive social anxiety/awkwardness
e). Trouble with coordination
f). Bad memory
g). Trouble retrieving words
h). Overall paucity of thought and expression
i). Lack of creativity and intellectual fluidity (mental fog)
j). A lack of ability to “steer” or control the tone of your voice
(I’ve noticed this- that I sound shaky and agitated no matter what my
mood is, and people think I’m upset when I’m really not)

8. After these brain damaging effects have sunken in, you may have great difficulty finding support anywhere. Talking to a p-doc may be an exercise in futility. They will want to protect their own interests and shield themselves from a possible lawsuit, hence you may be told continually to get back on meds/up your dosage. The more you protest, the less credibility you have, thus the more evidence in your p-doc’s mind that you need to go back on SSRIs.

9. Once you realize the extent of the damage, and it sinks in beyond the denial you may initially face, it will be hard to explain to others exactly why you are not the same person you used to be. The damage is similar to a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) yet it might be better termed DBI (Diffuse Brain Injury).

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