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Cancer – what causes it according to Phillip Day

 We have been listening to Phillip Days’ “Cancer the winnable war”, which is a very informative and at times a highly amusing CD, considering the seriousness of the subject he is discussing.  We strongly recommend you to listen to this CD, even if you are not a cancer sufferer.

Phillip Day is a prolific researcher based in the UK and has written many highly acclaimed books.  He is a very much-respected journalist and has followers world wide.  One of the many books he has written and we suggest to anyone interested in health is  Cancer; Why We`re Still Dying To Know The Truth.

 Phillip Day is writing eye-opening reports, advising cancer doctors around the world.  He pulls no punches and is speaking at conferences with great success. He has written a technical manual about B17 therapy for doctors.

As far as he is concerned, there isn’t one study, which demonstrates that chemotherapy, or radiation or surgery extends life in the major epithelial cancers. The conventional cancer industries ‘cures’ have failed miserably.  As a matter of fact to the extent, that they’ve had to redefine the word ‘cure’ to only mean five years after initial treatment.

Which begs the questions, why on earth are people still choosing this appalling form of treatment?  The answer is quite simple: ‘Because that’s the only thing they have been told by conventional doctors that they can do for them!”

When you get a cancer diagnosis you’re frightened and you’re looking around to see who’s going to offer you the best promise of further life. Of course, everyone wants to trust his or her doctor.   So they go to the doctor and say ‘Hey, I’ve got cancer, what’s my best choice?’ The information they’re given is coloured by the fact, that these people are trained in institutions funded by the drug industry. And so they only get that particular side of the story during their training.

The cure for cancer is the immune system: the very thing that traditional treatments devastate. Which might explain why the UK has one of the worst cancer survival rates of any western, industrialized nation.

Another hard-hitting question is the following: What’s the biggest myth about chemotherapy?

“The biggest myth is that you can pour ‘X’ chemical warfare agents into a human being and believe that you’re going to cure them.

And when you get to radiation, how many people know that radiation causes cancer?” see

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