cancer myths

Cancer and Laetrile (B17) by Dr. John Richardson

Billions of dollars have been invested in cancer research, and so far no general cure for cancer has been approved by the FDA.

Radiotherapy is not effective, since radiation *causes* cancer. The failure rate of this therapy is therefore very high.

Chemotherapy uses strong poisons that are given to the patient in the hope that the cancer cells in his body will die before he does. Unfortunately, those poisons can not distinguish between cancer and non-cancer cells. Instead they differentiate between cells that are fast growing and those that are slow. Dr. Richardson explains what happens to the body of the patient : “Cells that actively are dividing are the targets. Consequently they kill not only cancer cells that are dividing but also a multitude of normal cells all over the body that happen to be caught in the act of dividing. (…) … the resulting pain and illness often is a torment worse than the disease itself. The toxins catch the blood cells in the process of dividing and cause blood poisoning. The gastro intestinal system is thrown into convulsion causing violent nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, cramps, and progressive weakness. Hair cells are fast growing, so usually the hair falls out during treatment. Reproductive organs are affected, causing impotency or sterility. The brain becomes fatigued and wracked with pain. Eyesight and hearing are impaired. In fact, every conceivable function is disrupted with such agony for the patient that many elect to die of the cancer rather than continue treatment”.

Notwithstanding this poor result, the market of chemotherapy in the US alone is worth 1 billion dollars per year. Big Pharma and the FDA concentrate on the tumor. They don’t care about the life expectancy nor the quality of life of the patient. Pain isn’t relevant to them either.

The effectiveness of Laetrile is clear. Please read World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17 (New edition revised and updated) to check this out. This book is the perfect complement, since Dr. John Richardson, while still able to operate his clinic, helped more than 4.000 people. In this book he tells the stories of 62 people with different types of cancers that he cured. This book was written in 1977. In 2005, Patricia Griffin tried to contact those patients in order to be able to determine the real life extension of those people. Many of them survived to a ripe old age – read the book

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