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Kerri Rivera is our Genesis II Church Colleague.  We have not had the pleasure of meeting her in person, but we have emailed each other on numerous occasions with regards to the MMS protocol that she has developed.

Kerri Rivera is a truly amazing human being who, alongside her husband, has worked tirelessly to help their son and many parents help their children to improve.

Over the years, she has tried a few different programs such as oxidation chamber therapy and others, which helped to a degree.  However, once she came across Jim Humble, of, she knew that she had found what she was looking for.

Kerri started her son on the de-toxing program and even though it was at times challenging, she persevered and found that he was improving little by little.  She then began to document everything she did and incorporated her knowledge with regards to the importance of nutrition, getting rid of parasites and the MMS protocol.

Apparently most, if not all children on the autistic spectrum have issues with parasites. Another member of our Genesis II Church is Andreas Kalker.  He has researched this thoroughly and insists, alongside with Kerri, that the issue of parasites is of utmost importance for someone on the autistic spectrum.  See the article on her website by Andreas Kalker.

Kerri has developed a very strict program, which incorporates MMS (Master Mineral Solution) de-toxification program, getting rid of parasites, and putting the children on a very strict diet, cutting out sugars and eliminating all pre-processed foods.

Kerri has her own website, where there is a forum for parents to get support from others, which is incredibly important when trying to assimilate her procedures into ones lifestyle.  You can get all sorts of handy hints with regards to administering enemas etc.  Don’t forget, you will have to be a food Nazi initially to get your child away from all the pre-processed foods.  However, if you have the support of others and really good tips on how to go about it – then you are really almost halfway there.

But don’t despair – there are delicious foods that can be prepared for the children, which nourish their bodies with all the correct nutrients for them to thrive.

Kerri has so far assisted well over 1000 families worldwide.  She has restored the health of 82 children so far – these are children, who were autistic and are now in mainstream school.  She is fast gaining a reputation amongst the medical profession, who at long last are taking note of the fact that the wellbeing of our gut has everything to do with our brain function.  She has been asked to speak at several conferences and hopefully the medical autistic community will start taking more notice of this remarkable woman, who is walking her talk.

I strongly recommend that you visit her website and inform yourself – If you have a child that suffers from autism and you want to help yourself and the child to find a solution to this absolutely wretched situation – check Kerri out and then make a decision.

Her website is:

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