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These are some fantastically simple exercises, which we have taught to quite a few different people.  We have had some fantastic results with these very effective exercises, which were developed by Mr. Hongchi Xiao, born in Songzi, Hubei province, P.R.C Formerly a successful financier in Wall Street and Hong Kong.  He is the E-Dao founder and has devoted himself to promoting Paida and Lajin self-healing methods worldwide

Following his graduation in 1985 from University of International Business and Economics, Xiao successively worked in Beijing, Jiangxi and Tibet as a university lecturer, village schoolteacher and government official. Later, Xiao went to the U.S., and in 1990 got his MBA from Thunderbird, American Graduate School of International Management. Xiao subsequently worked as an investment banker in New York, Los Angles, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. He was Chief Adviser for Hong Kong Vision Finance Group, Ltd.

At forty, Xiao withdrew from the world of finance to concentrate on his novel titled Sex and Stocks, which is the first work of fiction in China that describes Chinese investment bankers. The book soon became one of the bestsellers in the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Xiao became increasingly charmed by traditional Chinese culture, particularly Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM). Reflecting upon his upbringing, Xiao finds that he has been attracted to Chinese medicine all along — He was exposed to medical classics in his childhood, as his uncle was a TCM doctor, and his mother was a doctor of Western medicine. And early on, he has developed a liking for CCM.

Then, a series of events led him to embark on an unprecedented quest to rediscover Chinese culture and to learn CCM. His is an almost forgotten way of travelling: Yun-You, i.e. to wander like a vagabond. Believing that “what is lost in upper social strata (ceremonies and music, here in Xiao’s case, CCM) can be traced and found in folk culture”, he started out alone in search of folk CCM masters. With the wisdom of a scientist and the spirit of an explorer, Xiao has travelled to all possible corners of the world: to monasteries, temples, and even deep forests in China and overseas, and to places ranging from Mt. Wudang to Mt. Qingcheng, from Luguhu to western Hunan, from Mt. Emei to Tibet, from Hong Kong to Australia, and from Los Angeles to New York.

Over the ensuing years, Xiao has found and learned from scores of them. He has mastered many methods and techniques previously thought lost, including rare acupuncture and acupressure theories and techniques, bone-setting technique, needle-knife technique, Paida and Lajin self-healing methods. Since then, Xiao has devoted himself to his mission of restoring people’s health and promoting many of these almost-lost CCM treasures, particularly the simplest ones — Paida and Lajin. The other therapies do work wonders, they are nonetheless quite complex and thus restricted in accessibility and application scope, and are still passive means of “healing by others”, not safe, simple and effective methods of “healing by oneself” freely accessible to all.

Paida and Lajin are derived from Huang Di Nei Jing, the “Bible” of Chinese medicine for millennia, which advocates “tempering the heart foremost, followed by external treatment and dietary therapies, and using medication as the last resort”. According to CCM theory, diseases of all kinds, major or minor, acute or chronic, physical or mental, are causes by clogged meridians which lead to Yin and Yang imbalance. Prevention and treatment of diseases is therefore very simple, i.e. to dredge meridians to balance Yin and Yang and to enable smooth Qi and blood flow, which naturally cures diseases and improves health. Hence, there is no need for costly checks, endless pills, operations, chemotherapies or radiotherapies that invariably violate the natural functioning of the human body and inhibit its self-healing potential. All meridian therapies follow the same philosophy, and yet the truest path is the simplest — Paida and Lajin are very quick to learn, and ten minutes’ practice to witness the immediate effect.

Xiao believes that “we are masters of our own health” and that “everyone can become his or her own healer”. To promote these simple methods and to enable people to self heal, Xiao has authored such best-sellers as Journey to Cure, and Paida and Lajin Self-Healing. He also frequently appears in TV and radio shows, newspapers and magazines in the Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. He has been traveling to major continents delivering over 100 speeches. The thousands of patients Xiao has cured suffer from all kinds of diseases, and they vary in their backgrounds, from common folks, to celebrities and the Tibetan Tulku. In poor and remote areas like Tibet and Qinghai, Xiao stayed for months in temples and villages curing diseases and teaching people how to self heal.

Xiao’s efforts have made an unusual call for the due recognition of and respect for the timeless Classical Chinese Medicine. His insights into Chinese medicine are philosophical, cultural and strategic, and his books and speeches are a splendid summary of his personal experiences, practices and reflections. Millions across the world have benefited from the miraculous Paida and Lajin, curing themselves of hypertension, diabetes,cardiovascular diseases, insomnia, prostate diseases, gynaecological diseases, lower back and knee pain, frozen shoulder, skin diseases, psychological disorders, among numerous other conditions. When Xiao says that a particular disease can be cured through Paida and Lajin, it means that Western medical criteria are met without any intrusive medication or surgery. The effective rate of healing the above-mentioned diseases is apparently above 90%.

Ironically, the only problem now is that many find it too good to be true.

Notwithstanding torrents of doubt, criticism and pressure, Xiao remains optimistic. He believes that one day, when the efficacy and application scope of these self-healing methods far exceed that of modern medical practices, they will inevitably revolutionize and transform the commonly accepted mode of medical practices that dates back over millennia, and the more recently established medical and drug industries. Eventually, it will push people to rethink about their own health management, how they live as individuals, and how they interact as members of families and society, and with the nature, consequently helping to advance human civilization. Visit for more information.

Please note we have no commercial affiliation with this system of healing but just want to make you aware of options that you may never have heard of.

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