pain free by Pete Ecoscue

I was alerted to the existence of this book by a wonderful human being, Jim Humble, when I was in the Dominican Republic with Tim, learning all about his healing methods with MMS.  He said at the time, that this was one of the most important books for anyone to have – and I must admit I whole-heartedly agree with his opinion.

I was told when I was in my early twenties, that I would be a candidate for arthritis especially in my knees and hips.  Throughout my thirties I had issues with both sets of knees and hips.  By the time I got into my forties, I had some discomfort with all of them.

Even though I was taking fish oil and glucosamine daily, I did not feel any improvement.  However, the discomfort was not such that I needed to seek medical attention, but I knew that sometime down the road I would not be able to avoid surgical intervention.

In this book he explains the serious deficiency of ‘design motion’, which is causing chronic pain symptoms and which is easy to remedy.  However, becoming pain free is not simply taking a pill, but consciously doing some very simple exercises, for which you don’t need any special equipment (apart from a chair and towel).

According to Pete Ecoscue,  the condition of our hips plays a central role in combating pain throughout the body.   The actual exercises look very simple, but they are calibrated to pinpoint specific musculoskeletal functions, that have been compromised by a variety of factors.

At the beginning of the book, he is also citing a man who had suffered a stroke three years previously.  He came to him and in order to improve his balance and walking as well as his clenched “claw fist”, common with stroke victims.  He was prescribes a specific set of E-cises and after some time reversed the ‘permanent’ stroke damage.

So whatever pain you have or are a victim of a stroke, inflexibility in your joints etc. get that book and start doing the exercises.  I did and I now have no more pain in my hips and my knees have become stronger and more flexible.  I only did the exercises for a few weeks in the summer of 2010 and have since enjoyed excellent joint health.

Tim has also improved his hips and knees with these E-cises during the same time.   We never thought we would be able to do achieve the following, but we are now both able to sit in lotus position in our daily meditation.

Pain Free (a revolutionary method for stopping chronic pain) by Pete Ecoscue with Roger Gittines available from amazon or bookdepository



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