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In our household, we have two very separate approaches to this subject.  One is being absolutely dedicated to a fitness program and really enjoying it.  The other being less serious about it, but still realising that it has to be done.

Tim is an absolute exercise nut – he LOVES it. Whereas I only do it because I know it will make me feel better and to maintain my physique.  Our girls are split down the middle too – one is on my program and the other on Tims’.

There is no good or bad way to do exercise.  All exercise is good for you, because it gets your endorphins going and making you feel great after all the effort given over to it.

However, for the ones preferring less is more, we have incorporated the program by Phillip Day, where he proves that being in the gym for hours on end is not necessarily going to make you loose weight.

It is the high intensity training, which is going to give you the most bang for your bucks!!! This is the one I like – short and sharp, thank you M’am.  Tim goes for that too, but because he loves his exercise he also incorporates many other forms such as tennis, running etc.

So if you want to maintain excellent heart health and a toned body – read here to learn about high intensity training, which only involves 8 mins of actual effort each week!!

Otherwise you might end up like these two – cute – but perhaps not healthy



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