Effects of Wifi and EMFs on Mercury Amalgams


Effects of Wifi and EMFs on Mercury Amalgams

The elephant in the room is back to bother us again! Have you ever considered what the effect of wifi and EMFs on mercury amalgams might be? No, we hadn’t either until doing a spot of research on trusty PubMed. Turns out that quite a few scientists have been very busy in this area of research.

A Large Amount Of Evidence

If there was just one isolated study on this, you could easily think that the effects of wifi and EMFs on mercury amalgams might be overstated. But when confronted with the body of work that is represented in the studies set out in the table below and in this article, we think you will feel convinced that the effects of wifi and EMFs on mercury amalgams is a very real problem that only a few cutting edge scientists are aware of.

But at least you are now aware of this and can take the appropriate steps, outlined below, to minimise the risk to yourself and your family.

See This Table for a comparison of the findings of several studies performed either on mercury release or amalgam microleakage after exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Effect of MRI and Mobile Phone Use on Mercury Release from Amalgams

This study back in 2008 [1] showed that the amount of mercury in a sample of saliva collected from 30 participants before and after 30 mins of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) exposure increased by 31%.

In the same study, they also took urine samples of 14 healthy female university students who had not used mobile phones before nor had any mercury amalgam fillings. Rather unethically, they were all given amalgam fillings and half were given phone mobiles to use! Urine samples were taken before the fillings were inserted and then at days 1, 2, 3 and 4 after the amalgam fillings were inserted. The mean urine concentrations of mercury (Hg) in both groups is measured in micrograms/litre and is shown below.

                        Before      Day 1    Day 2     Day 3      Day4

No Phones         2.07      2.34         2.51      2.66        2.76

Using Phones    2.43      2.71         3.79       4.8          4.5

These figures may not seem alarming to you until you realise that at Day 4 the mean Hg increase in urine concentrations was 63%! This is very worrying since studies have shown that even low dose leakage of mercury into bodies can be toxic.

The study authors concluded:-

Further research is needed to clarify whether other common sources of electromagnetic field exposure may cause alterations in dental amalgam and accelerate the release of mercury.

Effects of Wifi and EMFs on Mercury Amalgams

A 2015 study [2] concerning the effects of EMFs on hypersensitive people and pregnant women concluded that:-

Pregnant women with dental amalgam fillings should limit their exposure to electromagnetic fields to prevent toxic effects of mercury in their foetuses. Based on these findings, as infants and children are more vulnerable to mercury exposures ……we possibly need a paradigm shift in evaluating the health effects of amalgam fillings.

A March 2016 study [3] into links between amalgams, EMFs and autism concluded:-

Maternal exposure to electromagnetic fields in mothers with dental amalgam fillings may cause elevated levels of mercury and trigger the increase in autism rates.

Finally, in a July 2016 study [4] which, this time, ethically tested for the effects of wifi and EMFs on mercury amalgams in teeth that were exposed to standard Wifi (2.4 GHz frequency) radiation, the level of mercury released by the teeth more than doubled in just 20 minutes of wifi exposure.

How Can You Minimise the Risk of Mercury Release?

In Dangers of Amalgam Fillings we covered the risks of this toxic metal and how important it is to have these safely removed and replaced with an inert composite material filling. So the key here is removal of this toxic metal from your mouth.

However, the effects of wifi and EMFs on mercury amalgams doesn’t stop just when the fillings are removed, because depending on how many you have, and for how long, will dictate the amount of mercury that has been released into and stored in your body. This will need to be removed with a program of chelation ie using agents that bind with the mercury and draw in out of your system. An excellent chelating compound is N-Acetyl Cysteine, which is easily available online, and strawberries also have been shown to bind to mercury.

If you have amalgam fillings, until such time as you have them removed, the best course of action is to:-

  • minimise the use of your phone;
  • keep wifi and Bluetooth switched off on your phone as much as possible;
  • avoid using your phone inside a car, which acts as a Faraday cage trapping and amplifying the radiation;
  • keep your phone away from your head by using air-tube headphones or using the hands free speaker option;
  • keep your calls as short as possible;
  • avoid being close to other people using phones;
  • if you are pregnant, be especially vigilant to minimise exposure to the effects of wifi and EMFs on mercury amalgams.

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The elephant in the room is just getting larger and larger when you start to think about the negative health effects that wifi and EMFs can have on our bodies, and especially foetuses, babies and children. Let us take action to protect ourselves and our families.

We use Blushield devices to protect ourselves 24/7. Edith and Tim at CoolWellbeing Foundation

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