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Did you know that your body consists mostly of water (mixed in with some 100 trillion bacterial cells and some 10 trillion “human” cells)? So in order to either maintain or regain excellent health, it is absolutely essential for us to re-hydrate regularly with water that is as clean and pure as possible.

Rain Water and Spring Water

In theory the best water to drink is pure rain water or spring water and guess what, here are the sites to locate a spring near you:-

We say, in theory, because water courses and springs can be affected by chemical and pesticide run off or seepage into the ground water as well as by fracking and industrial activities. So if you find a source or spring near you, you might want to have the water analysed to be on the safe side.

Rain water likewise should be analysed periodically to check the contents and PH (measure of acidity/alkalinity). Naturally, before drinking this should run through a carbon particulate filter and, if you are being really careful, also through a UV treatment to remove bacteria. Some rain water can be surprisingly acidic, so checking the PH is important. Neutral to mildly alkaline is generally considered to be preferable.

Bottled Water

If you are expecting that drinking “pure” bottled water is better than municipally supplied tap water, well we have a newsflash for you – “this is yet another fallacy sold to you by the water industry” in order to make big $$$$.  The plastic bottles containing the store bought water are usually not BPA free and, therefore, contain a tremendous amount of xenoestrogens, which are molecules that pose as fake estrogen. These fake imposters will be upsetting your delicately balanced natural hormones and with sometimes disastrous results.  So if you believe that bottled water is better than your ordinary tap water – think again!

It is well known within the “bottled water industry” that this expensively touted special water is in fact often just ordinary municipal water, put through an industrial filtration system and sold to you as “fresh dewy mountain water.”  We urge you to do your research on where YOUR bottled water comes from – don’t be ripped off by these multinational companies misleading you with their “clean water.”  The water bottling industry is a trillion dollar business and they don’t want you to know the simple facts about their “expensive” product and that you, as a customer, might have been misled via their slick PR campaign selling you pure, clean water, for which you are paying top dollar $$$$ for a product that has been truly misrepresented to you.

There is the distinct possibility that your expensive bottled water is doing you more harm than good.  Do your research and be diligent – you owe this to your health.  Knowing all this could in the long run save your health and lots of $$$$.  Your general toxicity levels can and will increase over the years with the consumption of un-clean water, even though you had assumed your store bought bottles of “dewy spring water” were good for you.  So you spent your hard earned $$$ on a product that is not what it claims to be and you could end up sick!  Then, you get sucked into the medical paradigm and, as we all are aware, allopathic medical healthcare doesn’t come cheap, so you spend more $$$ trying to get well.  It is the perfect merry go round – you making money – they (the current system) taking it off you.

Filtered Drinking Water

Our simple advice – Buy a filter or be a filter.

To stay healthy and enjoy a vigorous lifestyle into our old age we all need to become informed citizens, especially when it comes to matters of food and water.  Make sure these are as clean and pure as possible, thus affording you optimal long-term health.

Unless you are very lucky your tap water supply will contain chlorine, fluoride (added supposedly for dental health), heavy metals, bacteria, hormones, antibiotics and a host of particulates and other nasties– none of which are removed completely by normal water treatment. For example, our tap water has a total dissolved solids measure of 130 parts per million, but after going through our reverse osmosis filter, which adds magnesium back, the reading is 20 ppm – a big difference.

As you probably are already aware, fluoride is a neuro-toxin and does not belong in your body if you value your health.  It has absolutely nothing to do with keeping your teeth healthy, but everything to do with keeping your body in a toxic state.  We often say to our clients: “You are not sick – you are actually just tox-sick.”

The famous medical journal “The Lancet” also stated recently that fluoride could be considered a neurotoxin, which has also been confirmed by a study from Harvard University, see here

So filtering fluoride and chlorine and all the other rubbish out of your water is really important. Below is information about some filters – note we have no financial or other connection with them.

For our American followers:- Check out the link below. Shane Ellison, “The Peoples Chemist,” is an ex bio-chemist, who used to work for big Pharma until he had an “aha” moment and realised that most allopathic drugs don’t actually deliver a cure they just cover up symptoms but do not get to the bottom of the problem and solve the underlying issue.  Shane believes that reverse osmosis water is best but too pricey for some people with limited funds. So for someone on a budget, but looking for “cleaner” water – watch his short video, which will give you directions on how to find this very inexpensive water filter on Amazon. (scroll down to “What is the best water filter?”)

For our European and Asian/Australian readers, we have located a fantastic 6-stage reverse osmosis water filter, which is produced by FSA (Filter Systems Australia) This includes a magnesium re-mineralisation filter which is necessary since the reverse osmosis filter takes out everything including any good minerals in the water. The company’s owner is Ian Gundrill – email – he keeps his prices very affordable and it currently stands around AUS$325 for a portable unit (incl. delivery within Australia).  We have used two of these units (1 in Australia and 1 in Europe) for the past 5 years and are extremely happy with the quality of water.  Individual cartridges will have to be replaced (we usually have to replace one every 6 months – for a household of 3 adults and one dog).

Shower Filter

Not many health advocates point this out but we feel it very important that you be made aware of this simple “keeping healthy trick,” to protect your body from harmful chemicals. When you take a shower, especially a hot shower (don’t we all love to have a long hot shower in the winter?) do you ever think about what happens to your body?

All your pores open up beautifully and if you live in an area where the water is fluoridated, chlorinated and whatever else the government sees fit to put into your water supply, guess what, all these various chemicals get very efficiently absorbed into your body.  Another perfect chemical storm, where these unwanted nasty chemicals enter your body via your largest organ – your skin!  Sadly most people are not aware of this danger, which should be avoided if possible.  This is especially the case if you suffer from an autoimmune disease or any form of cancer, where your immune system is already struggling to cope and does not need to be put under further stress from extraneous chemicals via your water supply.

We strongly suggest that everyone fits an inexpensive showerhead filter to their existing shower – easy to do and it can take out many different chemicals such as chlorine and also some extract most of the fluoride.   We get ours from FSA Filtration and it costs around AUS$50, but there are many other suitable products, which can be found on ebay.  We urge you once again, do your research and find one that you can afford, but please consider this simple addition to your shower set – it might help save your health in the long run.

On the Move Hydration

One last tip with regards to water when you are on the move. We have relied on a very simple and cost effective stainless steel water bottle, which can be filled up with tap water because it contains a filter inside.  We have experimented in places such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Turkey, Transylvania and London – all places where the municipal water is not known for its high quality.  We have up until now never had a problem in any of those places after drinking tap water.  So if you want to avoid spending $$$$$$ for a questionable bottle of water while out and about or travelling, buy yourself a “Fill2Pure” water bottle, with its inbuilt simple filter. It claims to remove 99.99% of most nasties and 90% of fluoride.

Carbonated Waters

This is still controversial, even amongst alternative health practitioners, but we would like all the lovers of “Perrier,” “Schweppes,” “Badoit,” and “Pelegrino,” to name a few carbonated waters to be aware of this.  Some studies in the 90s indicated that the carbonation of the water could bio-chemically pull the natural calcium provided via your nutrition from your bones.  This is not an ideal situation for anyone and especially not if you are a female and in peri- or full-blown menopause and likely facing an increased osteoporosis risk.  We do not touch carbonated drinks – especially when they are flavoured, often laced with aspartame, which is a serious neuro-toxin.

Pure water is absolutely essential to our overall wellbeing – you can go without food for a long time, but not without water.  Our normal water supplies in general have now become so polluted and this can and eventually will have a direct affect on your overall health.  We at CoolWellbeing Foundation have not willingly consumed un-filtered tap water now for over 5 years and are feeling in great shape.

Please note that we do not have any financial interest in any of the products we have given you links to, we simply recommend them because we have used them ourselves very successfully and love them.

Wishing you a happy week,

The team at CoolWellbeing Foundation

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