Best Wifi and Mobile Phone Radiation Protection


Best Wifi and Mobile Phone Radiation Protection 

There is increasing awareness in some sectors that mobile phone radiation may not be as harmless as previously thought, but what can you do to safeguard yourself and your family and what is the best wifi and mobile phone radiation protection?

  • In the 1950s, we were told there was no evidence that cigarette smoking damaged health.
  • In the 1960s, we were told there was no evidence that asbestos damaged health.
  • Today, we are told there is no convincing evidence that mobile radiation damages health.

Best wifi & mobile phone radiation protection

The Elephant in the Room

Do you see a pattern emerging here? We all now accept as self-evident that smoking and asbestos are bad for us, but we all do not yet accept that mobile phone radiation is damaging to our health, and more especially, the health of our children. How long will it be before there is enough “convincing evidence” of this damage to us, and why would we wait until then to provide the best wifi and mobile phone radiation protection to our families?

We know from past experience that we cannot rely on government agencies, departments of health and medical boards to give us the heads up on dangerous substances or environmental pollutants. They work too slowly, take years to establish a position and then only when they have been forced to confront and accept something because it has become blindly obvious.

This head in the sand approach seldom works well. Whatever happened to the medical precautionary principle? Why do we assume something is safe and start using it until you know that it causes no harm.

The dangers of harmful electro magnetic frequencies (EMFs), and especially wifi and mobile phone radio frequency (RF) radiation, have been raised and discussed by many people over many years and especially by Barry Trower, an ex UK government scientist. In particular he has focussed on the dangers to young children exposed to wifi and mobile phone radiation. Here is a short Youtube clip, where he explains his take on this invisible yet omnipresent danger. At 8mins he starts talking about the reproduction issues the younger generation will face in years to come.

These incredibly serious issues with harmful EMFs cannot be escaped easily in today’s world, since wifi and mobile phone radiation is now just about everywhere when out in public. This is all the more reason to take precautions and make use of the best wifi and mobile phone radiation protection available.

Effects on mitochondria

Recently, we have had the chance to get to know Jason Bawden-Smith, a Sydney based environmental scientist and author of “In the Dark.” ( We recommend anyone interested in protecting the health of their family from harmful EMFs to read this very informative book, which you can order here.

Did you know for example that you inherit your mitochondrial DNA solely from your mother and her DNA make-up is entirely dictated by the environment she lives in? So if she has compromised mitrochondrial DNA due to high exposure to wifi, mobile phone radiation and other environmental toxins, she will pass it on to her unborn child. According to Jason Bawden-Smith:

“If a pregnant woman’s heteroplasmy is high (her mitochondrial “batteries” have a low charge) this is passed on to her baby. This will determine the child’s baseline immune system and his or her ability to handle exposure to environmental toxins and diseases.

The next key thing to appreciate is that the mitochondria DNA signalling turns on and turns off the DNA functions in your cell nucleus. Your DNA genome is like your hardware and your mitochondrial DNA is like your software. There is little we can do to fix our genetic hardware, short of surgery and other medical interventions. However, we can update our mitochondrial software to manage and prevent most of the modern diseases in our world today. If you don’t fix deficiencies in heteroplasmy, it not only leads to diseases like Alzheimer’s, but it reduces the chances of the next generation being in good health.”

The responsibility for the health of future generations lies heavily on us due to the serious health insults unleashed on everyone by our unforgiving 21st century environment and lifestyle.

Charlie Teo, a well-known neurosurgeon from Sydney has stated for many years that he believes that wifi and the increase of EMFs in general have a direct link to brain tumours and other cancers.

In May 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (part of the WHO), classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields as “possibly” carcinogenic to humans. That means, maybe, maybe not – they’re not sure yet! Well, we are not prepared to wait for several years only to be told that there is a real health danger. Why take the risk, when you can provide the best wifi and mobile phone radiation protection for your family using technology available today?

In the past few years, scientists, such as Jason Bawden-Smith and Barry Trower, have stated that we are absolutely electri-frying our bodies 24/7, which is directly leading to a myriad of health issues from the very young to the very old.

Jason himself suffered from various health issues and decided to do the research and as a result wrote the book “In the Dark”. He maintains that while accepting and using the modern communications technology available to us, we also need to be aware of the potentially dire long term health consequences that have been unleashed on us. He believes we should make use of the technological solutions available now, particularly control measures to reduce the adverse effects of harmful EMFs and provide ourselves with the best wifi and mobile phone radiation protection that we can find.

What is the best wifi and mobile phone radiation protection?

Having been an environmental scientist and researcher for many years, he really knows his subject and does not give recommendations unless he has first hand experience of personally using something. He highly recommends protection devices made by a New Zealand company called Blushield. He believes that the technology used is the most effective he has encountered at neutralising the negative effects that harmful EMFs can have on our mitochondria.

He was selling these devices through his website, but he has decided to close this down because of a possible conflict of interest with his intention to expose these dangers to the Australian population through the media and through educating the public. Jason has kindly offered the remainder of his stock to CoolWellbeing Foundation at a very reasonable price. This means we can offer the small number of units we have acquired to our readers at discounts to the regular retail prices.

As a result we have the following Blushield products available for purchase:-


  • Tesla Gold Series Portable (6m diameter protection)
  •  Tesla Gold Series Plug-In (house/apartment)            
  •  Tesla Gold Series Cube (large house/office/factory)                        

The units will be sold on a first come, first served basis. So please be quick to avoid disappointment, and contact us if you are interested either via phone on 07 5450 5488 or via email . The price listed below is for pickup on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, otherwise postage will have to be added – the units are not heavy so this should be around A$10 for individual items.

Pricing for Blushield devices via CoolWellbeing Foundation

                                        Normal Retail    Our Price   Saving

  • Tesla Gold Series Portable A$359      $324       $35
  • Tesla Gold Series Plug-In    A$499     $449       $50
  • Tesla Gold Series Cube       A$999      $899     $100

These products will assist the overall health of your mitochondrial DNA by minimising the adverse effects of EMFs, both inside your home, and when out and about, especially when:-

  • You work in an office under artificial light, surrounded by wifi and mobile phone use.
  • You have children in your car on a daily basis. The Tesla Gold Series Portable can help to alleviate the effect of the EMF’s and mobile phone radiation. Your mobile phone and those of your children will try to locate the nearest phone tower every 15 mins. Inside a metal conductor (your car) these signals will bounce around and amplify making your car like a Faraday cage.
  • You would like to allow your children to use game consoles, computers, phones, ipads, tablets etc. in the knowledge these will not be causing them health issues. Dr. Joel Moskowitz agrees with a 2014 US Consumer Reports article on EMFs but says it does not go far enough in warning people not to keep their cell phones in pockets near their genitals. He writes, “We have substantial evidence that cell phone radiation damages sperm in males and some evidence of reproductive health effects (i.e. neurological disorders) in human offspring, as well as mice, for females exposed to cell phone radiation during pregnancy. We also have preliminary evidence of increased breast cancer risk for women who kept cell phones in their bras.” –  Joel M. Moskowitz, The 4 Cell Phone Safety Tips Offered By Consumer Reports Isn’t Enough

 What Additional Safety Steps Can You Take?

  • Limit your child’s time on the phone. “Half an hour of screen time is recommended for children 4-5 years old; an hour for ages 5-10; and two hours for high school aged kids.” – Melanie Medina, Growing up Digital – Cell Phone Safety for Kids
  • Use flight mode when your smartphone or cell phone is not in use. “Flight mode turns off the wireless transmitter thereby reducing exposure to radiation fields. Make it a habit to either switch to flight mode or turn it off altogether when not in use.” – Andrea Fabry, 10 Cell Phone Safety Tips
  • Keep your phone (if not in flight mode) at least 4m from your head while sleeping.
  • Turn off your wifi router at night – you will not need it while asleep.
  • Purchase a special protective case for your phones that limit the amount of radiation directed towards your head and body when in use. We use cases and headphones from RF Safe which are excellent.

Take responsibility for your health

Governments, medical boards and other institutions have a poor track record on warning their citizens about the dangers of many products & substances – think tobacco smoking, asbestos, leaded petrol, aspartame – well now there is potentially wifi & mobile phone radiation to add to the list.

Please don’t wait for “authorities” to make up their minds, there is far too much at stake – your health and that of your children and grand children. So please take steps to provide the best wifi and mobile phone radiation protection you can find.

We encourage you to watch Barry Trower’s short Youtube clip, read the information in the links above and for a greater understanding read the book, “In the Dark”. Inform yourself – knowledge is power.

If after your research, you still think that EMFs have no potential to harm us, then that is fine, but please be aware of Arthur Schopenhauer’s famous quote:

“Every truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed and third it is accepted as being self-evident.”

What stage do you think we are at?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon while stocks last, and wishing you happy and healthy days,

Edith and Tim at CoolWellbeing Foundation

For more technical information on the various Blushield devices, please visit the main Australian importer

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