Best Life Hack for Optimal Health

Best life hack for optimal health

Best Life Hack for Optimal Health

How do you feel about the sun? Do you fear it as being a possible cause of skin cancer or do you honour, embrace and love it, knowing that it is the giver of all life on this beautiful planet of ours, and think of it as being the best life hack for optimal health? Without the sun, every living thing in our world would die in a very short time. The sun’s light on the leaves of plants is what drives photosynthesis, which permits both plant growth and the ability of plants to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and give us oxygen instead.

Sun Life Hack 1 – Best Source of Vitamin D

A similar piece of really cool magic occurs daily for those of us who get into the sun and expose as much of our skin as possible without any sunscreen. This bit of magic is the conversion of cholesterol in our bodies to vitamin D, when ultraviolet light hits our bare skin.

Vitamin D is essential to the optimal functioning of all our cells, and, guess what, there is now an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency in virtually all so called first world countries. This is largely due to incorrect advice that has been given about being in the sun and the fear that this has generated in too many people to protect themselves and their families.

Of course you do not lay out in the sun until you get sunburn, but you do need to be in the sun without sunscreen and preferably when it is at its strongest between 10am and 2pm. The trick is to treat it as medicine and give yourself an appropriate dose depending on the latitude and altitude that you live at in the world, your skin type and colour, your ancestry and other factors. This may start with as little as 10 minutes and you can build up as your skin becomes accustomed to the exposure.

There is a really good app you can download called D Minder which will do the calculating for you and let you know what you should be aiming for and remove any guesswork. Please download this app and get out in the sun as much as it recommends. Heading into our winter in Queensland, we will be needing more exposure to make up for the weaker ultraviolet radiation at this time of year.

Sun Life Hack 2 – Recharge Your Battery

You may have heard people saying they are taking a holiday or a rest to recharge their battery. But did you know that is absolutely true. Our bodies are in fact really large batteries and to keep them properly charged there are certain essential things we need to do? The first thing we are sure you will know or guess – be exposed to the sun. The next you may not, which is to be grounded or earthed ie connected to this planet without an insulating layer of rubber or plastic preventing your feet from discharging into the earth.

It is only in very recent history since the growth of the chemical and plastics industry after the second world war, that more and more people have been wearing shoes that insulate them from the earth’s surface, and living and working in high rise buildings that also cuts them off from being grounded.

So as part of the best life hack for optimal health, we need to be grounded when we are in the sun. Get your feet and hands on the grass if you are lying in a park or garden, or in the sand when on the beach. There are many websites selling personal grounding or earthing accessories. We ground ourselves while sleeping with a special cable connected to the earth socket in a power plug (you need to check that your earth is functioning correctly and there are simple plugin testers to do this). We also ground ourselves when indoors working in our offices using the same leads attached to a wrist.

The third essential part of being an efficient battery is to have sufficient electrolytes in our system in other words to be well hydrated with pure mineralised water. We use reverse osmosis water to clean out all impurities and then add minerals back by running the pure water through a mineralising filter.

So in summary to keep your battery operating efficiently and fully charged

  • Get in the sun
  • Be grounded when in the sun
  • Keep yourself well hydrated with pure mineral rich water.

Sun Life Hack 3 – Set Your Hormonal Balance

Watch the sun rising while outdoors with as much skin exposed as possible (depending on time of year and where you live) and keep looking towards it, but not directly at it, for as long as you can fit into your schedule. Do not wear glasses of any kind or contact lenses because they will alter or block the desired frequencies of light.

Be in direct skin contact with the earth while doing this. You can sit on the ground with your feet and hands touching grass, sand or rock. Alternatively look towards the sun while walking barefoot on the ground – walking in early morning dew is ideal since the moisture helps with the grounding.

The sun gives off different frequencies of light as it rises and these are finely tuned to the hormonal rhythms and processes of our bodies. The light enters through the lens of our eyes and finds its way to the pituitary gland which sends a cascade of information through our hormonal system initiating the correct sequence of hormone creation and setting the circadian rhythm.

Before the advent of electricity, everyone rose with the sun and was out in it going about their business. They received the proper dose of light frequencies to keep their circadian rhythm in good order and would have earthed through leather or skin soles on their shoes or boots.

In the first world there are not many that do that today. They may be up at or before sunrise but too often will be checking emails on a device that emits blue light, which is exactly the wrong frequency of light to be entering the eyes especially at that time of day.

Summary of Best Life Hack for Optimal Health

  • Get optimal sun exposure (calculated using D Minder app) that is right for you on bare skin without sunscreen.
  • Make sure you are connected to the earth with your skin when in the sun.
  • Keep electrolyte levels up with pure mineralised water.
  • Watch the sun rise while being grounded without wearing glasses or contacts and expose as much skin as possible depending on your local conditions.

Doing this simple life hack will

  1. help to set your circadian rhythm,
  2. encourage the correctly timed hormonal cascade due to the correct frequencies of light entering your eyes in the early morning, and
  3. raise your vitamin D level which is essential for great health

That is why drawing energy from the sun is the best life hack for optimal health.

In the sun as much as is good for us, Edith and Tim at CooWellbeing Foundation

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