Best Gut Health Foods

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Best Gut Health Foods

What do cancer, viruses, autoimmune dysfunction, arthritis, obesity, and nearly all diseases including infertility have in common? It is simply what Hippocrates identified over two thousand years ago as being the key to good health – the gut. But why is the gut so important and what can you do to ensure that you eat the best gut health foods?

Crucial to our health and survival is our immune system and guess where the majority of our immune system is located? Yes – the gut. So is it any wonder that if our gut health is not optimal then our immune system will not be operating at the maximum level? In which case we will not be able to defend ourselves against bacteria and viruses as effectively as we should and will succumb to everything going around.

Autoimmune Problems

But wait, it isn’t as simple as that. Why do we hear of so many people today (including increasing numbers of children and young adults) suffering from autoimmune diseases like thyroid dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and others? So what is happening to these people that their immune system, instead of going after foreign invaders to the body and despatching those, actually starts to attack essential organs and neurological systems within the body? What is the connection with the gut in this process and what can you do to optimise gastro intestinal health with diet?

Our immune system is designed to step in to protect us when the body recognises something foreign such as a virus, bacteria or allergen, and, having dealt with the intruder or the infection, it then ceases to be in heightened alert mode and goes back to watchful waiting until the next time it is called into action. The problem comes when that immune response is continual and there is no period of relaxation for the immune system. Over time the over worked immune system can no longer tell the difference between foreign invader cells and healthy body cells, so it starts to attack your own body and this will occur in whatever area of the body there might be a weak link due to genetic issues.

Over Stimulated Immune Response

We see so much of this over stimulation of the immune system these days as a direct result of the over consumption of wheat, rye and barley products containing much more virulent forms of gluten than existed even only 30 years ago. The gluten in today’s forms of these cereals is a problem because these grains were hybridised to increase the yield per hectare over seven fold and this has increased the density of the gluten in these cereals.

Think about this a moment and you will understand that it is not possible to take a plant, and, in a few short years, increase by seven times how much a field can produce without radically altering the plant’s nutritional structure and density – and we are not even talking about genetically modified organisms here, merely hybridisation of similar plant strains.

You might be thinking, so what is the problem with gluten? Isn’t this just another trendy, fad dietary change to go gluten-free? How can it harm me? The simple answer is that as a species we were not designed to eat it AND digest it effectively.

The Story of Two Genes

Before man settled down to an agrarian, farming lifestyle several thousand years ago, our ancestors ate lean meats, fish, shell fish, nuts, berries and plants and had developed the ability to defend against viruses by selecting for immunity genes HLA DQ2/DQ8. These genes worked by recognising viruses and putting up an immune response to deal with them. The problem was that these same genes also recognise proline-rich plant proteins, found especially in cereals containing gluten, as being something to attack and fire up the immune system.

Remember prior to the agrarian age our ancestors had not been eating cereals, so when they started, and began to die from gastro intestinal problems and extreme diarrhoea, there was a gradual shift away from the evolutionary selection for these two genes as wheat and cereals spread north-west through Europe from the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia (the area around modern day Iraq stretching to the Mediterranean). For a fuller explanation see “What is Relief Ginger Enzyme?”

The Great Settlors

Fast forward several thousand years, and the highest percentage of European people still carrying the HLA DQ2/DQ8 immunity genes are those peoples on the northern and western fringes of Europe such as the Irish, the Welsh, the Scots, and Scandinavians. This is because these geographic areas held out the longest against adopting wheat growing for cultural and climatic reasons. Anyone carrying these genes will automatically pass them on to their children and the interesting thing is that all the Celtic races, due to political, religious and economic pressures, have been great migrators, settling in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. So that today all of these countries could have up to 30% of their populations carrying these two immunity genes which react to proline-rich proteins found in cereals.

So given the history of migration by the Celts around the world, is it any wonder that today, with the hybridised form of cereals used in breads so much a part of every culture’s way of life, we are seeing this massive over stimulation of these people’s immune system? This is resulting in gastro intestinal disorders weakening the immune system, and also causing autoimmune diseases, as the over stimulated immune system can no longer tell friend from foe.

The Solution

This seems like a doomsday scenario if people keep on doing the same thing – eating conventional cereals and not changing their dietary habits. But help is at hand to find the best gut health foods. A few years ago we were lucky to meet a very eminent, Brisbane based, bio-chemist, Professor Cliff Hawkins, and he has worked out how to neutralise the effect of proline-rich plant proteins using the enzymes from three members of the ginger family which are harvested at the optimal time, dried and powdered. He calls this food product, “Relief” Natural Digestion Aid. Using this on food prior to cooking, and taking it after meals mixed in water, effectively neutralises the proline so it is not recognised by the HLA DQ2/DQ8 genes and does not provoke an immune response.

We know of many people using “Relief” who have benefited from the disappearance of their GI symptoms. Professor Hawkins called us last week for a chat and was telling us excitedly about the successes he has had with couples getting pregnant who previously had infertility problems. He also has clients who have experienced enormous relief from rheumatoid arthritis, other autoimmune disorders and overcome cancers.

So it appears that from a bio-chemical perspective, the best gut health foods are members of the ginger family and especially the “Relief” ginger enzyme powder, which is able to neutralise the damaging effect that proline-rich plant proteins can have on your immune system. This is such an elegant solution – no pharmaceuticals, no drugs and no nasty side effects, merely a food enzyme used to neutralise a food protein that causes damage in so many people.

Supporting Studies

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, here are links to just a couple of old studies from 1994 and 1999, acknowledging back then the importance of the ginger family in combating tumours and cancer.

Possible anti-tumour promoting properties of traditional Thai food items and some of their active constituents.

Anti-tumour promoter activity in Malaysian ginger rhizobia used in traditional medicine.

There are many other studies on ginger or zingiber to be found online – just go to the excellent Pub Med research site and type in your search words or phrase.

Second Benefit of Relief

The amazing thing about “Relief” is that even if you have not inherited either of the HLA DQ2/DQ8 immunity genes, you will still benefit from its impact on proline-rich proteins in the plants you eat. You see plants also use digestion-resistant proline-rich proteins which store and protect their energy source, vitamins and minerals needed for regeneration.

But our digestive systems do not break down this proline coating and consequently most plant foods we eat only release between 10 and 60% of their available nutrition. Taking the “Relief” Ginger Enzyme Powder will help to break down the proline coating containing the vitamins and minerals and release much more of the nutritional value of the food into our bodies – in essence you will be able to eat less but still obtain the same nutritional benefit.

You can generally buy “Relief” from the Malouf Pharmacy chain in Queensland, direct from Biohawk or from our website where we can offer a 10% discount to either Malouf or Biohawk online prices. Please visit to find out more and purchase one of the best gut health foods available.

Yours in good gut health, The team at CoolWellbeing Foundation



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