Benefits of Colourful Food

Benefits of colourful food Okinawa sweet potatoe leeks and chicken

Benefits of Colourful Food

How Colourful is Your Food?

Eating a wide range of different and colourful foods is really good for us as it provides us with the diversity of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and polyphenols that are essential to vibrant health. These photos are just some of the foods and meals that we have eaten recently. Are you enjoying the full benefits of colourful food?

The above photo shows what the Okinawa sweet potatoes look like when cooked with coconut milk and cinnamon – full of the most amazing antioxidants!! Remember to add a little cinnamon Verrum to combat the high sugar content of the potatoes – this will help to balance out the blood sugar spike!! Tasted lovely with the leeks (pre-biotic) the broccoli sprouts (good for revving up ones immune system) and paprika infused chicken cooked in ghee.

Benefits of colourful food mung bean sproutsSprouting is a wonderfully easy and cheap way to grow your very own produce, especially if you live in a small apartment. All you need is a sprouting stacker and some seeds and off you go. These mung beans carry a nutritional punch like you would not believe – they are low in calories, contain fibre and B vitamins and vitamin K plus iron and folate. Put them in a salad or sandwich or even in your stir-fry. Why not try sprouting for yourself?

Benefits of colourful food sunny breakfast

A truly golden start to the week with organic, free range egg, sunny side up with fermented turmeric daikon, which is sure to beat back any inflammation you might harbour anywhere in your body! Fantastically nutritious brekkie to start the day.


Benefits of colourful food quinoa and chick pea pattyQuinoa and chickpea burger on a bed of fermented turmeric daikon and topped with fermented carrots and of course a spattering of broccoli seed sprouts. Quinoa is also a superfood as it provides you with Vitamin E gamma-tocopherol as well as manganese, magnesium, fibre, folate, zinc and plenty of protein – excellent for our vegetarian followers.

Preparation for my next batch of fermented beets – this time added some organic oranges, Benefits of colourful food beet and orange fermentedthe first ones of our local crop – this combo is not only very colourful, but it certainly packs a punch nutritionally! It is so easy to make, simply cut up the produce, mix in a little good quality salt then pack it tightly into a glass jar and cover with pure clean water. Then leave out on countertop for 3-4 days and hey presto – delicious fast food for the discerning foodie!! Will you try it out?


Benefits of colourful food quick lunchNutritiously loaded lunch consisting of some left over roast chicken with a dollop of home-made basil/parsley sauce, fresh mung bean sprouts and my fav fermented beetroot stack with sprinkled feta cheese on top.



Organic liver contains the most amazing variety of excellent nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E, K, Benefits of colourful food calf's liver dinnerB12, folic acid and minerals such as copper and iron. Cook gently and quickly in a little ghee and red wine and finish off with an added dollop of double cream – guaranteed to give your taste buds a run for their money.


Benefits of colourful food simple and quick lunchThai red cargo rice topped with fresh basil sauce, roasted pumpkin with feta cheese, fresh figs and the obligatory (in our house) fermented daikon with broccoli sprouts not only looks good but tastes delicious. The benefits of colourful food go beyond the visual!!


The perfect breakfast eggs cooked in ghee/coconut oil with red chillies topped with broccoli sprouts plus a Benefits of colourful food colourful brekkiestack of fermented beets topped with sheep cheese – absolutely delicious and, with these good fats, will give us the energy to keep going for hours.


Benefits of colourful food carrot and daikon fermentedOne of our favourite fermented combos – carrots and the superfood daikon with fenugreek seeds – absolutely delicious.


Cold strips of lamb topped with papaya/lime/chilli salsa and Benefits of colourful food lamb papaya red cabbagered cabbage salad with cashew nut dressing and of course fermented veggies – great tastes and sure to keep us cool on a hot summer evening.



Hopefully, these photos will have given you some ideas you can try out yourself to obtain the benefits of colourful food.

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From the rainbow kitchen, Edith and Tim at CoolWellbeing Foundation.

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