Is Kale a Friend or Foe

Is kale a friend or foe

Is Kale A Friend Or Foe? You may not think that many of the green and leafy vegetables that form a big part of a “healthy diet” could actually do you more harm than good! Yet, if you are suffering from chronic pain or inflammation, this could be entirely blamed on natural chemicals called oxalates, which are contained in these so-called “healthy” foods. So is kale a friend or foe? What are oxalates? How can they harm us and which “healthy vegetables” contain high concentration of oxalates? Oxalates cannot be seen, tasted or smelled, yet we consume them almost every Continue Reading →

Dangers of Amalgam Fillings


  Dangers of Amalgam Fillings  We have for a long time been aware of the importance of dental health, and the dangers of amalgam fillings. But since attending a symposium about oral health from the United States, we are now newly committed to getting this vitally important health information out to as many as possible about the serious health & environmental problems caused by mercury fillings. Since arriving in Queensland from Europe over fifteen years ago, we have used several different dental clinics, none of which were aware of the dangers of mercury amalgams and none practised biological dentistry!  This Continue Reading →

Shrinking into Old Age!

shrinking into old age CoolWellbeing Foundation

Shrinking into Old Age! Have you every looked at elderly people, and noticed how they seem to literally shrink as they age? Do you want that same fate for yourself as you proceed into the later years of your life? If not, read on and see how easy it is to avoid shrinking into old age (or even middle age for that matter)! The aging process starts alarmingly early around age 30. That is when your body is already commencing its march, albeit initially at a slow pace, towards your individual aging process.  How fast or slow it advances will Continue Reading →

Buy a Filter or BE a Filter

Buy a filter or be a filter CoolWellbeing Foundation

  Buy a filter or BE a filter! Did you know that your body consists mostly of water (mixed in with some 100 trillion bacterial cells and some 10 trillion “human” cells)? So in order to either maintain or regain excellent health, it is absolutely essential for us to re-hydrate regularly with water that is as clean and pure as possible. Rain Water and Spring Water In theory the best water to drink is pure rain water or spring water and guess what, here are the sites to locate a spring near you:- Australia US           UK           We Continue Reading →

Mammograms could increase the risk of breast cancer

Mammogram CoolWellbeing

Mammogram risk for breast  cancer and why I have not had a mammogram in over 10 years Over a decade ago and after extensive research, I decided that I would no longer buy into the “mammogram saves lives” theory. In fact, the opposite was true and recent research indicates that mammograms could increase the risk of breast cancer.  I had done my research with functional specialists in the States and one other European doctor from Denmark, whom I have learnt to respect tremendously. He speaks out against the “conventional medical practices” and was in Australia last year, giving very informative Continue Reading →

Dense breasts and cancer risk

Puzzled by breast density and cancer risk

  Ladies – Are you Dense? You probably think I am trying to insult or query your intelligence, which could not be further from the truth, yet it is imperative that you know the answer to this tricky question.  Once again, it has nothing to do with your brain function, but relates to one of your most prized attributes – your BREASTS!!! Do you have dense breasts? Luckily for us, this is a subject, which is now being discussed more within the medical fraternity, due to the incredible importance of dense breasts and cancer risk for all women. So the Continue Reading →

Hormonal Imbalances due to Parabens in Food

Endocrine disruptors causing hormonal imbalances

Foods causing Hormonal imbalances in women, men and children at any age We have been warning about xeno-oestrogens and environmental endocrine disruptors causing hormonal imbalances for quite some time. Previously we have concentrated mostly on plastics and other environmental factors, which contribute to this problem, but now it is time to shine the light on parabens used as food preservatives. Did you know, for example, not only have parabens been found in most cosmetics and personal care products, but they also found their way into the food industry as early as the 1920s? They are used for pro-longing the shelf Continue Reading →

Intestinal Parasites

giardia CoolWellbeing

 Giardia parasite Unwanted ‘House” Guests – Who Are You Sharing Your Life With? The problem with these unwanted guests is that they are very efficient at hiding in your intestinal tract and very often diseases are incorrectly diagnosed, when in fact the symptoms being experienced are due to a severe infestation of intestinal parasites. Unfortunately these infestations by unwanted “house” guests are all too common these days in Australia and the US.  Many alternative health professionals here and abroad are now checking the intestinal parasites load of their clients, before they commence treatment for many of the 21st century common Continue Reading →

Benefits of Nose Breathing

nose breathing

The Incredible Scientific Benefits of Nose Breathing The benefits of nose breathing have been greatly promoted in the Far East for thousands of years, in particular in China through Qigong and in India via Pranayama breathing. This type of simple breathing exercise practised daily and carried out slowly and with intent, has been shown to have amazing therapeutic effects. Did you know that breathing through your nose can create a more moisturised, humidified and even filtered air supply to your lungs and promotes an incredibly important gas called Nitric Oxide, which incidentally is found in high concentrations in your nasal sinus Continue Reading →

How To Clean Up Washing Detergents in Your Life

Home Made Laundry Soap Powder

Simple toxic free alternatives Getting Down and Dirty with Detergents The average Australian family with children usually does about 1 load of washing per day.  Most people I know use the commercially available brands for their daily washing loads, without realising that they are putting their long-term health at risk. So, how to clean up washing detergents in your life? Your biggest organ is your skin.  When you put on your squeaky clean clothes, which have been washed with ordinary detergent, you are running the risk of absorbing many of the nasty chemicals that are contained within these products. They are Continue Reading →