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Hello, we are Edith and Tim and we welcome you to this site.

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We are international wellness coaches and educators, who are passionate about helping people to regain or maintain their health. Edith is also a nutritional therapist, holds a diploma in teaching meditation and is a member of the International College of Holistic Medicine.

We have been interested in various healing modalities and have over the past few years travelled extensively world wide in order to learn simple methods to support our own excellent health. We had been involved in the property business for over 25 years, starting off in the UK, then moving on to France and then in 2001 to Australia.  Our passion in the past was rescuing old, dilapidated houses and restoring them back to their former magnificent glory.  Now we have changed our focus to helping everyone be in top form by attaining excellent health. Whether in your twenties, are thirty something, part of the baby boomer generation or older, there are a great many tricks and tips we have accumulated that will make you feel more energetic, younger and help fine-tune a healthy sexual function.

We are principal participants in the CoolWellbeing not-for-profit Foundation the aim of which is to educate people worldwide about regaining/retaking responsibility for their health.  CoolWellbeing Foundation specifically wants to improve the water quality in third world countries through the distribution of appropriate water purification solutions. This measure will radically improve health in these countries by minimising the spread of water borne disease.

During our working lives, we have always prided ourselves on being healthy and fit.  This was occasionally a great challenge, especially during our 10 years in the South West of France, where we lived ‘la bonne vie’ and became true gourmands!!!!

However, for the past 10 years we have stepped up our in-depth research and trials into various different health programs such as incorporating good fats and eliminating grain products from our daily meals, plus supplementing our diets with appropriate amino acids and other vitamins/minerals.  We have also looked at raw food diets, juicing and intermittent fasting amongst many other health conscious driven lifestyles.

We used to practice Bikram yoga several times a week.  However, the amount of time it took to keep up this type of exercise encouraged us to do more research into other forms of equally efficient yet less time consuming ways of keeping fit.  We now have worked out an extremely time efficient and scientifically proven way of exercising. The great news is that you do not have to be a member of a gym or have access to one.

We have also researched, tried and tested various other health related issues such as:-

▪     women’s and men’s hormones

▪     general sleep deficiencies

▪     the brain relating to supporting healthy sexual function

▪     issues specific to the baby boomer generation

▪     the use of vitamins/supplements

▪     how to manage stress with meditation and exercises

▪     safe personal and home care products

▪     and many other interesting topics.

People always ask us, “What is it that you are on?” because we have almost limitless energy and a general vitality for life, that is sadly lacking in most people of our age and even people decades younger than us.

We feel passionately that this level of energy and overall health is the birth right of everyone. We have been educating and coaching individuals from all over the world over the past few years.  They range from the young to retirees, all wanting to reach their optimal potential in their Physical, Emotional, Mental, Sexual and not forgetting Spiritual health.

So why not come and join us and learn how to attain excellent health on one of our exciting information packed one day seminars or weekend retreats  or contact us for a Skype consultation.

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