Benefits of Ghee


Benefits of Ghee 5000-Year-Old Super Oil We could learn a lot from the ancient, 5000 year old Indian science of healing known as Ayurvedic medicine. They knew back then (and still do) how to treat illnesses using diet, herbs, spices, exercise and spiritual practices, and they certainly knew the benefits of ghee. What is Ghee? Ghee is clarified butter, which means butter that has had the lactose and milk solids removed. This leaves a clear golden liquid, which is effectively the oil of the butter. In addition most of the natural water content will have evaporated in the heating process Continue Reading →

Candida – the Silent Menace

Candida Albicans

  Over the past decades antibiotics have been vastly overprescribed and it has had a disastrous effect on the health of Western populations.  The incredibly important balance of good gut flora, versus the bad ones such as Candida Albicans has simply got out of hand. It is currently thought that as much as 95% of the general population suffers from this disease – it does not kill you, but it certainly has a distinct effect on your overall health.  Many women are familiar with this troublesome condition as it is the common cause of vaginal yeast infection.  It is also Continue Reading →