Ginger Digestion Relief Powder



Could this incredible digestion aid be the missing piece of the puzzle on your journey to regain great health?

We were very fortunate to be introduced to Professor Cliff Hawkins early in 2014 and learn from him directly of the incredible breakthrough that he has achieved in formulating a “digestion aid” comprised of different ginger family enzymes that is so much more than the deceptively simple description that “digestion aid” implies.

Biohawk Relief

Anyone suffering from a food intolerance or auto-immune dysfunction is likely to be amazed how much this simple food can help them. Professor Hawkins’ family has suffered from food intolerance for many years and when his grandchildren started exhibiting the same problems, he decided to use his vast experience and expertise in finding a solution and “Relief” was born. Please read What Is Relief Ginger Enzyme? for a detailed explanation of how it can help you.

We have recommended this ginger marvel to many people and everyone has seen improvements in their health and for some the change has been dramatic.

We sell a 200 gm tub of “Relief” for A$130, which is a 10% discount to the retail price of A$144 either through the BioHawk website or through Malouf Pharmacies, and can deliver it to you worldwide. A 200 gm tub will last approximately 6 weeks for someone on a normal dose.

Please note that because the first tier of parcel post, both domestically and internationally, is up to 500 gms, the cost is the same to ship one tub or two.

Within Australia the next range is from 500 gms to 3 kgs which means you could purchase up to 14 tubs and the additional postage would be very small. For purchases of 3 or more in Australia we can offer you a further discount so that the price per tub becomes AU$125. Click on the Australia link below to see the prices including shipping in Australia.

For all other countries please select your country and/or geographic region below and choose between ordering 1 or 2 tubs – the shipping cost is the same. Unfortunately there is no economy of scale when shipping internationally and the next weight range from 500 gms to 1kg (ie up to a maximum of 4 tubs) just costs double the lower weight range price. If you wish to order more than 2 tubs, please contact us for the price.

For purchase information click on your country or geographic region below


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